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Thread: Matthes Crest July 16th 2011

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    Matthes Crest July 16th 2011

    Aaron had been very kind, nursemaiding me about the Sierra. Payback for all the
    years I nursemaided him? I could see he was itching for something harder.
    Matthes Crest, in Yosemite was at the top of the list. One has to be comfortable
    free soloing for hours in the "No mistake" zone. Not enough time in the day to
    rope it out as pitches. Why is it as I get older, to I have less tolerance for
    such risk? You could reason I have less to lose, getting closer to the end.
    Sigh. Stevee B. was coming to the area for 2 days. It seemed perfect. So I sent
    my lad off and tried not to think too much about the constant exposure my spawn
    and friend were going to subject himself too and my being party to setting it
    up. 5.7 free solo? No thanks. As they prepare to leave, I was wandering on the
    edge of Toualamme Meadows, wondering what I was going to do to keep my mind off
    of the Matthes crew, when a vaguely familiar voice calls out..."Hey is that
    Ram?" So I was destined and perhaps saved from being in my own head too much, by
    a random meeting with Courtney and DB. There were peaks to climb in my immediate
    future, with old friends...and Stevee and Aaron returned to the trailhead at 8
    PM, 13 hours after embarking on their fine adventure. Here are their pictures of
    the day

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    Under viewed album. The boys did awesome. Picts are great! Kudos. I now have to go and do the first half of the route to the south summit, if not the north too. Then I rap off. I want no part of the of the north side of the north peak. As the captain said in an early episode when he was split in two....I WANNA LIVE!!

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    Wow. That is some serious exposure. Awesome pics. They are more daring than I am!
    The man thong is wrong.

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