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Thread: Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

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    Mountain House Freeze Dried Food

    On a recent backpacking trip to the Uintas, I tried a couple of these for the first time. Scrambled Eggs and Bacon, and Spaghetti with Meat Sauce.

    They were decent, probably as good as freeze dried food gets.

    Mountain House Freeze Dried Food products list here:

    Anybody have favorite Mountain House meals?

    (Please keep this thread relevant to Mountain House products. )

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    The eggs and bacon tasted decent. One thing I did not like was the instruction to drain excess water after it had been cooked. I just left it in there until I was finished, straining the excess with the fork. I assume this is because of the unpredictability of how much moisture would be absorbed in different batches of eggs

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    I was satisfied with the Spaghetti. Would purchase again.

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    My favorite is the blueberry granola and the chili mac. The chili mac is best when you add some Fritos and some hot sauce to it.

    I have been getting into freezer bag cooking, where you prepare meals yourself and put them in freezer bags and add water as you would for the MH. This is cheaper and doesn't have so much freaking sodium.
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    Sweet & Sour Pork by Mtn House. Fine dining in the BC.

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    Most of them are decent. Just say no to the Jamaican style one. Blech! I like the sweet and sour pork. I also like the granola/blueberries but that particular one seems grossly over priced.

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    Speaking of price, it seems they've come down quite a bit from the first time I saw them. I think these were right around $5, which isn't bad. Sure you compare price of meals and such, but you add in the lightweight factor and the ability to eat out of the bag and easily dispose, it's pretty decent.

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    I think the lasagna is much better than the spaghetti. I also like the Chicken and potatoes, and the blueberries and granola. The blueberries and granola is really nice on the morning of the day you hike out. No need to get the stove out and heat up water and then put everything away!

    We've did the MH wraps too and they are good. Packing in tortillas are kind of heavy as well as the sharp cheddar we added to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Glockguy View Post

    I have been getting into freezer bag cooking, where you prepare meals yourself and put them in freezer bags and add water as you would for the MH. This is cheaper and doesn't have so much freaking sodium.
    I do the freezer bag cooking as well. I do like the Spaghetti and meatballs. The rice with chicken is as bland as it gets. Hot sauce doesn't even make it taste good. I still have two packs left over from our varsity weeklong that no one wants...bleh.

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    I take the beef stroganoff all the time. It is pretty good and very filling, no gritty either. I tried a chicken fajita sample at Outdoor Retailer on Friday, it was pretty tasty. I think with some tortillas that one could be a up and coming meal on my next trip out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Nebz View Post
    I take the beef stroganoff all the time.
    X2. That is my favorite. I had a spicy oriental something er'nother a few year back but I wouldn't recommend it. Man! talk about acid reflux... Not a pleasant night.
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    x3 on the beef stroganoff. Lasagna is about as good but that cheese is like concrete on your spoon.

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    Chicken and mashed potatoes is my favorite, followed by Chili Mac. I don't particularly like the Teriyaki Chicken.

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    I had the chili mac and beef stew this weekend. Both pretty decent, but there's a really slim selection here (like 5 dinner entrees and 2 breakfasts) at the Wally World, and these two sounded the best. Next time I'm up north I'll grab a few of the above recommendations (beef stroganoff sounds great) and give 'em a try.

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    Favorites in order:
    Chili Mac
    Chicken and Noodles
    Pasta Primavera
    Thanks guys I will be trying the Blueberry Granola
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    A cheap DIY version of the granola and blueberries is to but your won granola and just add 2T of the Morning Moo's dehydrated milk. Then add blueberries or whatever berry you want. Just put it all in a bag then add water when you want to eat it.
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    just tried the chicken fajita mix....DELICIOUS!!! brought in some tortillas and a little cheese for dinner on an overnight and it was well worth the extra weight.

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    I am going to have to give all of this a try on the next hike. Thanks Everyone!!!!
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    Chili Mac is my favorite. Stroganoff and Spaghetti are pretty good as well.
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    Had the MH Eggs & Bacon for breakfast for the first time in mid-July on our Scout campout. It was pretty good, albeit a bit on the salty side. Also purchased the Chicken & Mashed Potatoes, Chili Mac, Beef Stew, and Beef Stroganoff dinners for our group to sample for dinner. No complaints about any of the meals tastes - all of the Scouts and Scouters enjoyed them! Lightweight meals, just add hot water, wait 10 minutes and a hearty meal is served.

    For dessert, we did the MH freeze dried Neopolitain ice cream and freeze dried ice cream sandwiches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mooseman70 View Post

    For dessert, we did the MH freeze dried Neopolitain ice cream and freeze dried ice cream sandwiches.
    I have not had the desire to try this yet. Any good. So far I just pack in ice cream and rootbeer.
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