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Thread: Cave at South Fork Campground

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    Cave at South Fork Campground

    Not sure if this cave has an official name or not, but it's just outside of the South Fork Campground as you're headed up to Causey Reservoir, East of Pineview Dam and Ogden.

    We didn't explore the whole cave, nor did we know how far it went back. When you first enter, you wade through very cold water, maybe shin deep for about 40'. Then you come to a larger room with a sky light. The cave then continues but we didn't see how far it went, because we had small children and were not prepared.

    Once you cross the bridge entering the campground, follow the single track dirt trail to the left. Hiking is very easy, and it only takes about 5 minutes to reach the cave. On your way you'll come to a fork which leads up the mountain, just stay down, next to the river.

    Once in the cave, footing can be tricky in the ice cold water, you'll be stepping on rocks while also watching out from bumping your head on the low ceiling. Constant reminders to watch heads were shouted out.

    Here's a rough location of where it's at, entrance to the South Fork campground is just to the west. I would suggest parking out on the highway to avoid a day use fee.

    Here are a few photos of the trail and then the cave.

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    So where is this cave located? Your location is 'in granny gear'. . .

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    Looks to be east of ogden, according to the map.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUEberryBOB View Post
    So where is this cave located? Your location is 'in granny gear'. . .
    It's the embedded google map in the top of my post. The green arrow is where the cave is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BLUEberryBOB View Post
    So where is this cave located? Your location is 'in granny gear'. . .
    You can "back out" of granny gear by clicking on the minus sign on the map. Looks like a fun cave to try out. That salamander looks huge.

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    It's actually on old mineshaft. Past the vertical shaft (skylight) it only goes about 20-25'.

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