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Thread: Long Canyon - Top of the World - Onion Creek

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    Long Canyon - Top of the World - Onion Creek

    Saturday & Sunday, March 22-23, 2008

    This was Amanda's first trip to Moab so I let her choose the trails we drove this weekend. On Saturday morning we drove to the campground near the Dewey Bridge (Two weeks later this bridge would burn to the ground.....had I known, I would have taken some more photos of it....but at least Amanda got to see it once) and setup camp for the weekend. From there we continued on down the Colorado River Road to Moab. We crossed the river and drove down the Potash Road for a while to check out the sights. Eventually we drove up Long Canyon and then looped back around on the pavement before heading back towards camp. For sunset we drove up the Top of the World Trail to the overlook and enjoyed the view. Before heading home on Sunday we took a nice leisurely drive up and then back down Onion Creek. This weekend was a good introduction to the Moab area for Amanda :)

    Randy Langstraat
    ADVENTR.CO | Anasazi Photography

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    Moab trip

    I really enjoy your trip reports, I have done a lot of the trips that you report on, but for some reason my photos don't turn out as well as yours. (maybe because you are a highly skilled photographer and I'm just a hack) Anyhow I still have a lot of your old trip reports to go through and check out, so thanks for doing them. Bob

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    Long Canyon - Top of the World - Onion Creek

    Thanks, but the further you go back, the worse my photos get ;)
    Randy Langstraat
    ADVENTR.CO | Anasazi Photography

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    Three very fun trails! I remember the good old days when you could drive through the narrows of Onion Creek--very fun. Some spots were pretty tight for a full size Bronco.

    Always love Pucker Pass/Long Canyon--it is just a nice way to end an enjoyable day on one of the many trails to the north. It was even fun before the huge slab fell, but the tunnel made it even better.

    The first time I saw the Top of The World Trail was on a Red Rock 4-Wheeler monthly ride led by Ber Knight and we finished the loop down Rose Garden Hill. Unbelievable view from the rim.

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