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Thread: Vacation Host Swap - Utah / Florida

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    Vacation Host Swap - Utah / Florida

    Hey everyone,

    I'm trying hard to get back to Utah for some canyoneering but have no one to go with. I can't afford a paid guide/outfit so I'm offering a vacation swap as an option. If anyone is interested in a long weekend get away in sunny Florida, I'd gladly host you in exchange for hosting me.

    I've done Muddy Creek/Knotted Rope area last Summer and am hoping for something along that level of difficulty. I'll be taking rock climbing/bouldering courses over the Summer to improve my skills. I can kayak, but haven't hit any serious white water. I'm no princess and can carry my own pack, bait my own hook and start a decent campfire if you chop the wood (my axe aim sucks!).

    Here in Florida we could do several activities. I live one block to the Ocean, so there's surfing, kite-boarding, swimming, skim boarding, shore or deep water fishing and laying on our lazy asses drinking beer and getting a tan.

    Rivers are everywhere. Great for camping, kayaking (I have access to 2 yaks for free) and/or tubing. Suwannee is loaded with fresh water springs, some sketchy chalky limestone cliffs for daring climbers, gators and flying sturgeon. The campsites along it are free and range from simply pitching your tent on a sandy beach to full facility (no permits required :D).

    Scuba diving is plentiful not only off the coast but also inland in some of the springs. I recommend the Keys - it's a 6 hour drive, but I do it fairly often. If you want to learnd to dive, I have a good friend that is an instructor. The Keys and the Everglades are great places to kayak too. There's Disney, the space center, lots to do!

    No need for a rental car, no need for a hotel - I gotcha covered if you can do the same for me in Utah. I can fly in wherever works best for you (SLC, Vegas, Denver...?) and you can fly into Jacksonville (closest to me), Orlando or Miami/Ft. Lauderdale depending on where you want to spend most of your time.

    Hopefully I've sold/enticed someone out there who wants to work a trade. You can find me on facebook (Ann Marie Route) fastest since I'm not always on Bogley. I'm pretty easy to get along with, but we can get to know each other a bit to figure out if we'd make good travel buddies.

    Hope to hear from someone interested...or just friend me on FB and say hi!

    Ann Marie - Penelope
    Keep pulling up stakes. Friend me on facebook.

    "Since the ultimate goal of transport technology is the annihilation of space, the compression of all Being into one pure point, it follows that six-packs help." Edward Abbey, Monkey Wrench Gang

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    to bad i am in new zealand. i doubt it will take very long to get something sorted. have fun.
    But if I agreed with you, we would both be wrong.

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    canyoneering or river running? I know you seed canyoneering but you posted in the paddling forum. If river running you might check out in particular the women's forum (Betty Buzz forum)

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    Do you need home swapping at all swapyourhome[dot]net/fr vacations?

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    Your offer is good but unfortunately I am in Spain now. Florida is a nice place and it would be pleasure for me if I could host you. Anyway enjoy and have a fun.

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