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Thread: Hasselblad announces the 200-megapixel H4D-200MS camera

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    Hasselblad announces the 200-megapixel H4D-200MS camera - On Wednesday Hasselblad announced its newest medium-format digital SLR camera, the 200-megapixel H4D-200MS. The professional-grade camera costs around $45,000 (32,000 Euros), which comes out to about $225 per megapixel.

    The H4D-200MS is not actually packing a single 200-megapixel sensor. Instead, the camera uses Hasselblad's multi-shot technology to combine six consecutive shots taken on the camera's 50-megapixel sensor into one higher-resolution final file. The sensor is moved in 1 or 1/5 pixel increments before each photograph in order to collect the maximum amount of information for a scene.

    In addition to this six-shot mode, the camera can also shoot four-shots and combine them together, as well as take regular, single-shot photographs. The multi-shot technology is for capturing still-life and product shots inside a studio, as it requires an absolutely still scene for up to thirty seconds. However, the single-shot mode can be used to capture live, moving subjects outside of the studio.

    Hasselblad is offering upgrades for H4D-50MS owners for about $9,800 (7,000 Euros). The camera will need to be shipped to the Hasselblad factory in Copenhagen, Denmark where its firmware and hardware will be updated to transform the camera into a H4D-200MS.


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    Sure looks like a nice camera, and the ability to combine shots from the 5 different sensors sounds like a great feature - basically like an internal HDR format, I'd guess - but $45K....oy!

    For that kind of dosh, I'd just upgrade to a higher level Nikon or Canon, get a nice compliment of the best glass for it, and use the change to buy a used Airstream so I could spend at least half the year traveling, shooting photos and painting on location.

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    I got a little flush and wanted to buy that thing dinner.

    Time to sell a kidney......liver.....and bone marrow.

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