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Thread: Wondering about primitive camping near Fifth Water Hot Springs

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    Wondering about primitive camping near Fifth Water Hot Springs

    Hello all! I'm new to the forum!

    My girlfriend and I are wanting to camp for a night up Diamond Fork Canyon and I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on good spots to go to, what to expect, if there is still a lot of snowfall, etc. I'm hoping that it would be kind of nice romantic and relaxing get-away, which is why I'm a little weary of there being a lot of people at the hot springs.

    We are planning on going on a weekday and hike up in the afternoon and spend the night, so I'm not sure how many people to expect up at the hot springs during a weeknight. Also, as I've done a little searching online about the hot springs, some of the blogs I've read about it mention to avoid going at night to fifth water, and I'm wondering if it is really that big of a deal.

    but any other general info would be much appreciated!

    thanks in advance!

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    There are several spots just before the springs on the trail. I would carry in all your own water though, filtering that water might be a bit funky. It would be a pretty easy backpacking trip. Just watch out for snakes. They are abundant up there. Both coach whips and rattlers. I would sleep in a closed tent, not out in the open. I would do a scout of your site before you pitch for the night. Most of the spots have established fire rings. I have been up there at night, I don't see what the big deal is. I imagine that the snow has to be mostly gone since it is lower elevation at the springs. Watch out for the cows up there too. They shit everywhere.

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    The snow is gone. I was up that way a month ago or so. Be sure to stop & see the sun face.

    I'd definitely avoid the place on the weekends. LOTS of people. If you camp along the trail there's a good chance that noisy groups will be passing by- perhaps at all hours of the night. I haven't been above the springs, but if there are campsites up there, that's where I'd go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uintahiker View Post
    I haven't been above the springs, but if there are campsites up there, that's where I'd go.
    I have hiked in from Three Forks and from the Strawberry ridge down in. There is not really good camp sites above the pools. it is pretty steep and gets a bit more prairie the farther you go up. And just below the first tubs would give you better shelter should weather come in. I think you are going to have people up there regardless of what day of the week it is if the snow is off. Weekdays may be a bit slower, but I would not count on having it solo up there. Have to wait till the fall for that.

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