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Thread: Why America

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    Why America

    PopJolly May 23, 2011 Featured

    The United States has fallen behind other nations, failing to provide affordable health care to its citizens. Americans spend $477 billion a year MORE on health care than other advanced countries. So why do we pay so much compared to other wealthy nations? This infographic is part two in a two part series which dissects the state of our health care system and presents some alarming numbers.

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    I've gotta think in part it's due to the education requirements as well. I've heard that in South America, for example, that it's a 4 year degree to be a doctor.
    Here you have a bachelors degree for 4 years + medical school which is another 4 years + residency requirements which are at least a year = 9 years before you can do anything on your own.

    Insurance is another thing that just drives up the cost. Cut out the administrative middleman!

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