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Thread: Anyone Here Into Hang Gliding?

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    Anyone Here Into Hang Gliding?

    I'm seriously considering getting into it. Any particular places that I should look at for instruction? Right now, I'm thinking Birdman Academy but am very open to any kind of suggestions or guidance one might offer.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I dont do it but a bunch of my flying buddies do. I know a pretty good instructor if you are seriously intrested.
    Just remember there are old pilots and bold pilots, but there are no old bold pilots. Hang gliding is very safe, when done right, but I have been at the point of the mountain 2 times when some guy was being bold, and ended up being put in an ambulance on a backboard. A person makes a terrific sound hitting the earth. Not one you forget.......

    I have been on the edge several times about lessons since my good friend teaches and he is always bugging me to let him teach me, but I dont think I will ever get over seeing 2 people go into the ground and I am a wuss....... But man what a thrill to watch them walk to the edge and then go over the edge and drop about 2 feet and then climb to the heavens.....

    PM me if you want a great instructor.

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    We are lucky to live near one of the best places for hang gliding in the US and maybe the world.

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    Rented my first kite from a shop in Albuquerque in 1970. It was a used Chandelle kite (4:1 Glide) that was purchased from Bush Gardens or something? I had to duct tape in a few places before trying to launch, but after some encouragement from Jose Cuervo I got my feet off the ground at "The Dig" down by the airport. Immediatwely fell in Love. Went to work for Larry Newman and Ben Abruzzo building Kites in about '73' at Elektra Flyer Corp. Flew a 20-18 Pathfinder kite I built for a couple years, then progreessed to a Cirrus 3 and finally to an Oly 180. Logged many, many hours of flying off Sandia Peak, Tekoe Butte, Steptoe Bute, Mt. Spokane, Dog Mountain, Lake Chelan, Couer 'd' lane, Caslo B.C., Torrey Pines "Blacks Beach", Ft. Funsten and a whole slew of other places until I finally sold my kite in 1979. Now I wish I had it back! Back then a kite was $600-$800.

    Do it man! It is an AWESOME experience!

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    Quote Originally Posted by accadacca View Post
    We are lucky to live near one of the best places for hang gliding in the US and maybe the world.
    There are a LOT of GREAT places to fly....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bo_Beck View Post
    There are a LOT of GREAT places to fly....
    I know dood... Pass the cheetos.

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