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Thread: Worst NCAA Championship Game ever?

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    Worst NCAA Championship Game ever?

    I say yes. I was about the ugliest game ever and it lacked any sort of flow, and it didn't feel intense. It felt panicked by both teams. UGLY shooting, by both sides but Butler laid an egg like no other team ever in shooting if I saw the stat correctly.
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    Terribly ugly and a pain to watch. I was rooting for Butler, but only because I really don't like either team and figured I may as well root for the underdog. I'd like to hear what some real UCONN fans thought of it. They played better than Butler, but not did UCONN fans enjoy the game, or just the result?

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    As a UConn fan (much of my family lives in Connecticut and college basketball up here is awful, so I've always adopted them as my team, though with the sketchiness coming out of Storrs the last year or so, I'm not so sure...), it was brutal to watch. They were/are a better team than Butler, but it was a tough game to have any winner in. I hate that they have these games in Cavernous domes/football stadiums. I know most years they are, and the shooting isn't usually nearly as bad, but it has an effect. The NC$$ isn't about competition its about packing as many people into an 'arena' and squeezing as much money out of it as possible... That said, I was happy UConn won, and I would have been happy if Butler won as its a better story, but good lord, that was an awful game...

    I do believe, however, that that has to be one of the most impressive post-season runs, if not the most, of all time with UConn winning 5 games in 5 games to win the Big East and then running through the NCAA tournament like that. You have to give them a lot of credit for that.


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    Butler was still in the game when they were shooting 15%. What does that tell you about the game? Pathetic. I kept switching to the History channel and forgetting to come back.

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    I will admit that UConn's run was impressive.
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    I have no problem with ugly games.... so I enjoyed it... you can tell a lot about players, coaches and teams who can win ugly.

    I just kept waiting for someone to step up and win it for their team, and Jeremy Lamb finally did it for UConn.

    I also enjoyed watching both coaches deal with the situation. They were both coaching their ass off trying to find something that would work.

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    I guess I expected more. Both teams came out like deer in headlights. Jeeze they both had great wins and great runs to get there but then looked pathetic in the "big one". You are correct, Ice, about Lamb. Finally, a single solitary player stepped it up and made a huge difference. Again, I say this was the ugliest championship game I have ever seen.
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    Oh, and as far as coaching goes, UConn's half time adjustments were spot on. The low screens worked magic on Butler's D. They threw in the towel when they went zone to deal with the screens as that is when the wheels on the bus came off. Butler really didn't need any offensive adjustments, they were missing open shots. Defensively Butler, IMHO, blew it by going zone, a defense according to the TV guys, they had not played much of all year.
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    Butler couldn't hit the broadside of a barn.

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