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Thread: Kelly Point, Grand Canyon

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    I used to work for the Grand Canyon Parashant National Monument. You are definitely allowed to ride street legal ATV's on the road out to Kelley Point, I have done it many times. It is a long bumpy road though, and we would carry extra fuel tanks.

    Here is a photo of one of my coworkers on a 4 wheeler at the rim.

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    Welcome to bogley

    very good information, thanks for sharing.

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    a question--

    Most atv's are not considered street legal, what was done to the one pictured to make it so?

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    for the ones we drive they had to have license plates, a horn, registration sticker, and a rear view mirror. there may be more too, can't recall everything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denaliguide View Post
    here's a map showing the kelly point area. the yellow lines are the late harvey butchart's routes in the area. i don't think rope work would be required, but keep in mind that route finding will still be interesting.

    i agree water will be a challenge. there is supposed to be a spring in seperation, but it may have dried up since harvery was there. on the east side of kelly point, shanley spring in trail canyon is supposed to still be there.

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    that's a great map. anyone know how to get a harvey butchart overlay like that?


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    I assume that he made it himself. I have a similar map, but mine was made before digital. I guess I really could scan it if you want, but it may take a while.
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    No thank you, but thanks for the offer. My guess is someone has already done it, as a shapefile, or .img file or something. Probably need to be projected, etc. I have a few contacts that might be able to help. Looks like Denali-Guide hasn't been on for a while.


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    Would it be OK for a 2008 Jeep Liberty 4x4 (we made it to Whitmore Overlook OK)

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    need high clearance, light truck (LT) tires and 2 spares (my recommendation). Twin point is a lot better road and shorter.

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    "Twin Point" ? Did your spell check get a hold of "Whitmore" and fix it for you?

    The end of Whitmore is perfectly skanky for a significant distance - and we had to dig a rock out of the road in order to proceed.

    Re needing LT tires - maybe on part of the end of the road to the top of Lava Falls (near Tuweep) only because some of the lava rock is extra crispy.

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    Sorry, I wasn't clear. I was recommending Twin Point over Kelly Point, because of the better road. I agree the end of Whitmore is pretty skanky.

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