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Thread: Neilsons Well

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    Neilsons Well

    Saturday a group of five of us snowshoed 3 miles to Neilsons well. We spent a good 8 hours underground and then snowshoed another 3 miles out. I wont bore you with a written story and just get to the pictures now.

    This is Lance in front of the entrance pit.

    Our group in front of the entrance pit. From Left: Lance, Max, Russel, Mike, Me.

    Closer shot of the entrance pit.

    These little ice blobs were everywhere in the big room.


    At the top of Fantasy Well; a 300 foot pit almost all free hanging.

    Some draperies in the Fantasy Well.

    Myself in front of a huge boulder covered in flowstone.

    Lance ascending out of the Fantasy Well.

    Lance ascending out of a pool.

    Mike in the Shimmering Pool

    Lance in his heat tent

    Max and Russel by our cozy little fire that was already going upon our exit.

    Lances "exit smile"

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    Looks like a fun trip! How was the snow around the lip of the entrance pit? I rememebr those snow trips all to well! LOL!

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    The snow was pretty deep. The ascent was gnarly, it was a blizzard the whole time. But i learned a valuable lesson; dont look up. I got an ice chunk to the nose that bloodied me up a little bit.

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    3 hours? Neilson's Pit has to be a mile or so further in than I had been previously led to believe. I've got a general idea but I always figured on hiking in for an hour or so and then spending two or three or five hours searching for the entrance.

    Someday I'll acquire the last of the equipment and climbing skills necessary to tackle some of the deeper caves up here.
    seen all good people turn their heads each day so satisfied I'm on my way...

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