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Thread: Grand Gulch shuttle needed March 11 or 12

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    Grand Gulch shuttle needed March 11 or 12

    Hey There,

    Looking for a shuttle of my vehicle from Kane Gulch to Bullet Canyon TH on March 11 or 12. Anyone know of a commercial service? Haven't turned one up with Google searching, though I saw reference to one arranged through Recapture Lodge. Last time I hiked here, some 15 years or more ago, the Rangers moved our rig for us, and I don't even recall paying them for it---! Times change....


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    if you can't get a shuttle lined up, it's an easy hitch, or if you have a bke it won't take you too long.
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    Thanks--I know it's not that far, but we are coming from Alaska, so no bike along, and kids are involved, so an uncertain hitch or extra 7 miles along the road are not real desirable.... Of course, we'll make do if needs be!

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    shouldn't be that uncertain of a hitch. it's a fairly well traveled piece of highway. you might ask the kane gulch rangers if they have any other permits starting the same day. maybe you could work something out that way.
    But if I agreed with you, we would both be wrong.

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    Well, we made the hike in fantastic weather. Four days from Kane Gluch to Bullet Canyon--a leisurely pace. We were not able to arrange a shuttle for the vehicle before heading out, so we left it at Kane Gulch Ranger Station, hoping for a ride or hitchhike. When we exited at Bullet, there were plenty of cars there but no one leaving at that time, so I left the wife and kids and headed out to the highway. Started walking toward Kane Gulch, (which proved to be a mistake.) Saw one car in the first hour, heading the wrong way. During the next half hour, saw seven cars all heading the wrong way. I let the first few go by, but then started trying to hitch a "wrong way" ride by sticking my thumb out and indicating that I just needed a short ride the other direction. No luck. Finally, after jogging and walking in intervals towards Kane Gulch, I heard a car coming the right direction. They had a long straightaway to view me with my smile and my thumb out---and shot right past me with a sort of frightened look on their faces. After just over two hours, I walked into the Kane Gulch parking lot and retrieved my car. When I arrived back at Bullet to pick up the family, my wife said two different parties had left Bullet, but both were headed south on the highway. They told her they'd look for me and give me a ride if I was still there--so I should've just stasyed put at the dirt road/highway junction! Oh well, it ended just fine and we made it back to Natural Bridges before dark for another night under the stars.

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