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Thread: Point Lookout/ Slickhorn

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    Point Lookout/ Slickhorn

    here's the first trip in the way back machine. more will follow now that there is the new trip report button.

    april 2005

    did a solo hike down point lookout canyon and then returned to the vehicle via slickhorn canyon. parking is at the water tank at the top on the road.

    point lookout is probably the least visited canyon in the vicinity around grand gulch. there is no trail down the canyon and i saw very few tracks. the canyon did have several large potholes with water in them. the last one was just before the bottom end where it opens up onto the large terrace with the old mining track which comes in from the johns canyon road. point lookout has severals ruins and a fair amount of rockart. the best is on the boulders on the right just after it opens up.

    the traverse around to slickhorn is easy walking along the old road and you get great views down into the san juan river.

    hiking up slickhorn from the bottom is rough with the faintest of trails. there is a good chance you will see others in this stretch as it is a favorite layover spot for float trips. i hiked up slickhorn and found an exit out a very short side canyon a couple canyons below what is refered to on maps as slickhorn #6 (aka trail canyon) #6 is the canyon with the corral at the top end on the maps. after getting on top it was just a matter of walking crosscountry back to the car.

    first ruin visible from the water tank
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    nice ruin. notice the circle painted on the rear wall
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    bottom of point lookout
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    looking down on the slickhorn/san juan confluence.
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    turning the corner and looking up slickhorn. the route goes to the right.
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    looking up slickhorn
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    But if I agreed with you, we would both be wrong.

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    Nice! I'm really looking forward to seeing what else comes out of your 'way back machine'!

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    Great! I'm looking forward to more of your reports as well :)
    Randy Langstraat
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    Nice shots.
    Not having a trail is a memorable thing.

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    I disn't know they had a Slickhorn canyon in NZ...........

    Glad your posting these Les.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibenick View Post
    Nice! I'm really looking forward to seeing what else comes out of your 'way back machine'!

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