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Thread: Buckhorn Wash

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    Buckhorn Wash

    This past Saturday I spent a few hours with my family geocaching in the Buckhorn Wash area. Somebody placed six new caches there, and we were hoping to be the first to find some of them.

    The first one we stopped to find was interesting because the posted coordinates were 0.89 miles off, but I managed to find the cache using some pretty simple logic. A photo displayed on the cache listing page showed a sign for the MK tunnels, but I knew where the sign was and it was nowhere near where the cache was supposed to be. I moved some numbers around in the coordinates and found that if I changed just one of them, it put the coordinates very near the sign in the photo. I searched that area when we got to Buckhorn Wash and found the cache there easily. I also checked out the now-grated tunnel that only a couple of years ago I was able to travel to the end of several hundred feet into the hillside.

    Inside one of the MK tunnels

    Looking out from the mouth of the tunnel

    That turned out to be the only geocache that we'd get first-to-find on. At the next cache I saw that g-gang had signed the log earlier in the day, so I expected to run into them. They ended up being at the very next geocache. I'd met them a couple of times before, and we ended up chatting for a bit, and I gave them coordinates to the MK Tunnels cache that I'd found earlier. They moved on while my family and I stopped at the San Rafael campground for lunch. We found a few more caches farther south after lunch, then headed home.

    Some boulders alongside the road

    Parked behind g-gang at the "cattle guard" petroglyphs

    Assembly Hall Peak (left)

    Our picnic spot

    Bottleneck Peak

    Cottonwood Holes

    The kids climbing a tree

    The Hunter power plant near Castle Dale

    Birds in a tree near Castle Dale
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