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Thread: 6 years latter....

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    6 years latter....

    Oh about 6 years ago right after Tyler passed I went 4 wheeling with his family up in St. Anthony, ID. That trip did not end well for me. I rolled the 4 wheeler three times with me on it and then watched it bounce another four times to the bottom of the very large dune I had tried to traverse. To tell you the honest truth I had no idea those 4 wheelers could bounce so high. It scared me to death and I have not had the desire to get back on one and ride in the sand. The next day I was so sore I could hardly move. In fact I do not EVER recall being that sore. It was a good two weeks before I could move normally again. I have since ridden a 4 wheeler but only on the road at Halloween taking the kids from house to house up in Mt. Green.

    Today I got over the fear of riding in the sand. This was no easy task. I think I was shaking the entire time especially anytime I had the 4 wheeler pointed downhill. I have no experience riding these machines, but a serious love of speed and that is a perfect recipe for stupid mistakes. At any rate I took it really easy today. Absolutely enjoyed the red sand. I am always so amazed at what Southern Utah has to offer when it comes to scenery.

    Not sure of what the place is called but it is out near Sand Hollow Reservoir or at least I could see the reservoir from where we were riding. So assume it is part of Sand Hollow State Park. Only we didn't access it from the reservoir. We drove through Washington City and then on to the Damn road. We unloaded the 4 wheelers and headed up a sandy road past a golf course. (Another thing that amazes me down here are the places they decide to throw up a golf course, seriously out in the middle of nowhere you have green grass!!! In the middle of a desert!)

    It was a perfect day for riding. Temperature was great, no wind and just a hell of a lot of fun! I loved riding on the trail over to the sand dunes that was fun and non threatening. Great way to calm my nerves.And I thought that was all we would be doing riding on sandy trails. Then it opened up onto the dunes. I had no idea these dunes were out here. The dunes are so beautiful, mesmerizing if you ask me.

    My heart raced sky high every time I came to the top of a dune and started down the slip side. The first drop Darren was worried for me to come down wasn't huge. I sat there looking at it thinking in my head.... If I were on two wheels and pedals this wouldn't even be an issue, come on girl suck it up.... But I couldn't get my thumb to press on the gas. As I finally found the courage and rolled over the edge my stomach jumped into my throat. The worst was trying to ride up the slip side (not all the way up) and turn the machine to aim it back down the hill. What I was doing today was very very VERY tame. But what I was doing the day I rolled the 4 wheeler was WAY over my skill level and it was when I realized I had no power left to make it across the face of the hill that I turned to aim it downhill and rolled the machine. Anytime today I found myself aiming the machine down after going up... and as I was in the apex of the turn... I could feel the panic creep into every part of my body for just those few split seconds. Especially the one time I didn't give it enough gas and you could feel the machine slide downward, sideways through the sand. Breathe... just breathe.. give it gas. Your ok!

    After awhile of slowly inching my way up higher and higher on a hill before aiming it down going up and over another hill and straight down, over the same path again and again I started to relax. Still keeping it very tame especially if you compared me to my riding partner. I had a great time and look forward to playing in the sand again soon.

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    way to go!! saddle up!!!!!
    But if I agreed with you, we would both be wrong.

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    Looks fun. Congrats!

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    Can I just say.... I did NOT realize you actually used your musklezz riding a four wheeler. Two days later and I can hardly walk up the stairs and my shoulders ache! And it is not a bad ab's workout. Either I am getting old or I need add more four wheeling to my workout routines.

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