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Thread: Laws on Load limit for semi shotguns?

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    Laws on Load limit for semi shotguns?

    Hey all, got a little worried here and just wanted some advice. I have a Mossberg 500a that had a dowel inside the spring chamber and only allowed 2 rounds. I just took it out and now I got 5 round capacity. As near as I can tell this limit is imposed for fowl hunting and it is not illegal for home defense and target shooting. I can always pop it back in guess, but it just sounds so retarded a law like this even exists. But I was curious if anyone had a difinitive answer on this.

    Here's the vid in case you are curious..

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    removal of the plug is not illegal for home defense or target shooting. however having more than a 3 round capacity will get you a ticket when out bird hunting. i think the law was put in place to discourage taking shots which would be out of range..
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    Thanks DG! You da man as usual.
    Your safety is not my responsibility.

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    Partially correct. You must have the plug in for migrational birds only - Ducks, Geese, and Doves here in Utah (maybe other I don't hunt). For upland birds no plug is needed - Pheasants, Chuckars, Grouse, etc... Bunnies, coyote, and anything else is fair game with as many shells as you can hold. My Xtrema holds 6 - more the merrier I say!!! I have a buddy that put an extention tube on his Beretta - 12 with one in the chamber!!! (you can buy them for various shotguns at Cabelas)

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    What double moo said is 100 percent correct. It seems to be the same in most of the other states as well. I loaded my extrema with 6 slug shells while in Alaska for bear protection while flyfishing on an extreme trip.

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