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Thread: Great Water at Pineview in October

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    Great Water at Pineview in October

    Wow, what a great day for October at Pineview. The weather was great, the temperature was warm, and the water was smooth. I even got on the ski today after about 3 or 4 years.

    We only had a couple of hours on the water, we showed up around 2 pm. I was expecting the crowds to take advantage of one of the last warm weekends of the year but it was pretty mild.

    Both Mark and Cody brought their boats up, and we skied and surfed behind Mark's.

    Unfortunately my camera lens isn't wide enough so I had to pick one side of the wake to film when I was driving.

    Here's Mark:


    Me - watch for Mark to lose his glasses at 1:28

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    Dang, my back is killing me today, muscle relaxer took me down for a 5 hour nap.

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    Sweet photobomb.

    Oh and that water stuff is cool too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ibenick View Post
    Sweet photobomb.

    I had to throw the other angle up there

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    Looks like you had the water to yourself, and nice photobomb beech! LOL.

    Two wheels are better than four, keep the rubber side down.

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