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Thread: San Rafael Swell

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    San Rafael Swell

    So, we headed out for a bit of exploring of "a certain canyon" nearing the center of The San Rafael Swell. We had been here before (4 times before to be exact), but another day of exploring never hurts, and in my defense it's only 15 miles from my house i can't help myself. Anyway, here's some photos.

    Inside A ZCMI Mine- Named by the swaseys, as a dig to the LDS standing for "Zions Corporation of Mormon Idiots, for all of you mormons out there i just offended, sorry i didn't name it.
    Name:  5022625175_ce9deea&#.jpg
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Size:  248.1 KB

    An Old Structure located directly below the shaft.
    Name:  59906_1280502112213&.jpg
Views: 594
Size:  119.4 KB

    A Signature Below The Structure
    Name:  59906_1280502152214&.jpg
Views: 592
Size:  182.5 KB

    Joe and His Dog Named After Joseph Swasey (like everything else in the swell)
    Name:  62313_1280502912233&.jpg
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Size:  58.6 KB

    View From Inside Slipper Arch (NOT Swasey Arch)
    Name:  62313_1280503032236&.jpg
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Size:  90.7 KB

    Panoramic of Slipper Arch (or is it spanoramic being and arch ;)
    Name:  5020767637_6ec96e6&#10.jpg
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Size:  180.5 KB

    Barrier Canyon Style Hand Pictograph
    Name:  61732_1280504072262&.jpg
Views: 549
Size:  145.8 KB

    Barrier Canyon Style Anthropomorphic Figure
    Name:  61732_1280503952259&.jpg
Views: 571
Size:  154.4 KB

    Wider View of The Pictographs
    Name:  63850_1280505352294&.jpg
Views: 570
Size:  183.7 KB

    Single Sheep Petroglyph
    Name:  59906_1280502072212&.jpg
Views: 539
Size:  81.7 KB

    Sharpening Grooves
    Name:  61732_1280504272267&.jpg
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Size:  73.3 KB

    Moccasin Petroglyph, Grinding Slick, and Sharpening Grooves
    Name:  61877_1280507032336&.jpg
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Size:  86.4 KB

    ATV Parked
    Name:  59906_1280502032211&.jpg
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    Name:  61732_1280504232266&.jpg
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    The Road
    Name:  63850_1280505272292&.jpg
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    Name:  63850_1280505512298&.jpg
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    Slipper Arch Tree
    Name:  63064_1280501672202&.jpg
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    Name:  61732_1280504312268&.jpg
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    Name:  63850_1280505392295&.jpg
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    Name:  61877_1280507072337&.jpg
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    Joseph Swasey Signature
    Name:  62313_1280502952234&.jpg
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    That looks like an awesome time! I sure love the swell!
    "My heart shall cry out for Moab..." Isaiah 15:5

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    Great pix.

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