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Thread: Cleveland Reseviour

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    Cleveland Reseviour

    I have no idea what it was, but Cleveland was DEAD!!!!! Are there more than 2 fish in there?????

    We took the scouts camping @ 10,000 and then came down to fish, or so we thought. As we passed electric lake it was 16 degrees. I suspect summer is a gonner. Surprised as I stayed plenty warm in my 20 degree bag. I think we were warmer up top by 15-20 degrees.

    We got a late start and did not hit the water till 9:00 or so. We also started on the wrong side of the lake I think. It was shallow and seemed shallow quite a ways out. After 1 hour we moved down to the rock outcropping closer to the dam. Still NOTHING!!!! Then we went over were the river runs into the lake and tried floating stuff out using the current to get out deep. NOTHING. We were fishing power bait 2' off the bottom, worms 5' under a bobber, and spinners.

    I spoke to a couple just on the other side of the river inlet as they were leaving and he mentioned they usually get a good catch but they got skunked after 3 hours and were leaving. As we were walking back to the truck we saw a trout 3' out. After 4 cast of a spinner zipping past him, he took it and we caught our 1 and only fish. Pretty danged boring for the boys after 4 hours of nothing. So at least one of the boys got to fulfill the catch and clean part of the fishing merit badge.

    I was pretty bummed as I was pretty sure everyone would have at least caught one fish while we were there. Oh well, thats why its fishing, not catching.

    We will head up to Silver Lake Flat Wednesday night as I am pretty sure we can get all the boys a fish to clean up there.

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    Wow, what a bummer! Sorry it didn't work out too well. The techniques you mentioned are tried and true at that lake, so I'm pretty surprised to hear it didn't pan out.

    Better luck next time.
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