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Thread: Maybird Gulch w/ view down on Redpine & Hogum

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    Maybird Gulch w/ view down on Redpine & Hogum

    On Sunday before Labor Day, my wife and I left the White Pine TH at about 8:00am with Maybird Gulch as our destination. We saw the traffic going to the Uintas and elsewhere but figured right in our own backyard might be nice and peaceful. We got to the lakes around 10:30am and since neither of us had been there, we took our time looking around a bit and finding a campsite. We chose a site West of the lakes overlooking Little Cottonwood Canyon and with a good view of the Pfiefferhorn.

    After relaxing a while, we hiked up a boulder strewn ridge to get a view down into Red Pine, then came down and enjoyed some steak tacos. Two goats came near our tent (about 20 yards) but didn't stay long once they realized we were there.

    It was pretty windy which also added a chill but it was quiet otherwise. The next morning we got up early and took our packs down and left them near the lakes. We then hiked up to the notch below the Pfiefferhorn for a view into Hogum. We headed down and made it back to our car by noon on Monday.

    Maybird is definitely one of my faves due to the scenery and solitude. We saw noone in Maybird on Sunday and about 5 other people on Monday. We did however see about 50 people hiking up the trail on Monday, most of whom we figured were going to the junction or to White or Red Pine.

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    Great shots as always.
    I need to backpack maybird before the snow falls.

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    Very nice.

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    How sweet is that for a backyard. Glad you found solitude on a holiday weekend. Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

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    Fun stuff! Thanks for posting.

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    I need to backpack maybird before the snow falls.
    Maybird is so beautiful with snow. It is highy recommeded that you see at at least once in winter/spring or even in early summer.

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    Agreed, this is from a few years ago in June from the ridge below Pfiefferhorn.

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