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Thread: Where is it? (Poor mans version)

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    Devil's Garden?

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    Quote Originally Posted by qedcook View Post
    Devil's Garden?
    Further east...

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    Quote Originally Posted by pigburner View Post
    Further east...

    If it goes for a month and a half, maybe some clues or a different picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by pigburner View Post
    Further east...

    Further east than Devil's Garden? Wouldn't that put you in Colorado?

    I thought it looked very similar to the Robber's Roost area. Or possibly at the headwaters of the Poison Springs canyons.
    Quote Originally Posted by Brian Wilson View Post
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    Sorry, I just assumed that interest in the thread was waning..

    I realize now there is more than one Devil's Garden, I assumed he meant the Escalante version.

    Poison Springs is close to the right area. This location is just a few minutes walk from the paved highway, but you'd need a little luck to find it...

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    I just stumbled into this photo. No
    clue but maybe Lone Peak in Utah?

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