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Thread: Skyline Trail from Pineview Dam

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    Skyline Trail from Pineview Dam

    Garbanzo and I decided on a last moment ride up the Skyline Trail tonight. I've always been intimidated by the climb so I've stayed away from it.

    The trail was in excellent condition. Very smooth and packed, well maintained. I was expecting more rocks.

    Because of time restraints we only made it to the saddle or whatever you call it, there's a 7' post about 3 miles up before the trail starts to head down a bit.

    The trail was a consistent up and up and up and up and up to that point, which made the way back down an absolute riot. We only saw one hiker on the trail within the first half mile, and not another soul otherwise. This made for a nice fast uninterrupted downhill.

    I'd definitely ride it again and would love to ride to Lewis Peak if I get more time.

    Here's the video. Watch in HD.
    ...and yes, that is the actual speed. The majority of this footage is from Garbanzo's chest mounted GoPro

    Here's a rough trail of where we went:

    Viewing on a mobile device? Click this link to open the map:,-111.835241&spn=0.015741,0.038581&t=h&z=15&msid=100749669156101003180.00048db8be6849ab75238

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    Nice little souvenir. A decent sized rock flipped up from my front tire on the way down. Contusion time.

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    I love that trail, thinking about bailing work early today around noon and heading up to lewis, makes for a great ride. nice pics and glad you were able to try it out, it is a long ride to lewis but well worth it.

    Two wheels are better than four, keep the rubber side down.

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    That does look like a great trail. I keep adding more northern trails to my list.

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    I'm getting the video edited, man we were FLYIN'

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    Just thought I would add that the spot you rode to, the 7' post is called the old watershed sign.

    Great picture with the trail and the edge of the water by the dam. It really shows the elevation gain.
    Still trying to get in riding shape.

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    Cool, thanks Ryan.

    by the way, the video is up.

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    great work out that ride, i try and do it once a week for the work hour or straight climbing..
    go get lost, it is good for the soul

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    We're definitely adding this trail to the rotation. We'll have to get an earlier start, I'd like to make it to Lewis Peak one of these nights.

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    Let's do it again next Wednesday and go further. It would be awesome to have the Southern boys come up as well. Time to start scoring the green light points with the Chief. Maybe Tues south and Wed north. Hell, I can dream!
    I just dropped by to see what condition my condition is in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garbanzo View Post
    Let's do it again next Wednesday and go further.
    Good idea. Here's the invite:

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    I really like the perspective from the chest mount. It is almost like being in the "driver's seat."
    Outside is the best side

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    I love the that trail too! I did it last year. You guys are making me soooo homesick right now.

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