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Thread: Flash Floods near the Dirty Devil. 8-7-2010

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    Flash Floods near the Dirty Devil. 8-7-2010

    According to the USGS, a "flash flood" is:

    The result of heavy or excessive amounts of rainfall within a short period of time, usually less than 6 hours, causing water to rise and fall quite rapidly
    After exiting the Angel Cove slot, we found ourselves in the midst of a mild rainstorm. After no more than 10 minutes of moderately heavy rain pretty much every drainage we could see in the area was flowing. Pretty awesome sight. So awesome, in fact, I couldn't resist taking pictures of it so I left the little shelter provided by a small overhang and headed out to shoot it.

    If the guy who had all the coordinates for the exit for the canyon hadn't forgotten about his phone when he waded into the water and killed it - we might not have had such a nice view of the floods because we would have gone out the correct exit for Angel Cove. As it was, we were on a trail that eventually took us all the way to the trailhead for Angel Slot. (The one that has the BLM logbook). (Note to self, next time - make sure you have the printed beta even if all the coordinates are in someone's GPS unit / phone)

    I took a panorama of it - this one is not a 360x180 (for an obvious reason - ever try to angle your camera up when it's raining and take pictures?) I had to do quite a bit of work in photoshop to get rid of water drops and big streaks from rain drops, but I shot the panorama with a lot of overlap between the images so I was able to take the good parts from all the images and come up with this one.

    I wrote a tad more about it and have a link to it here:

    Or if you are really lazy and just want to jump straight to the panorama viewer:

    (You can zoom in and out when you load the panorama viewer).

    So... If you are in one of the micro slots in the area and you start to feel some heavy rain - start a watch... If it's heaving rain I'd estimate you have no more than 10 minutes to find higher ground and get out of the water course before the flow could start coming.

    I took some video too I'll put up when I get around to it.
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    Amazing, man. Love all those little falls on the slickrock.
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    very cool pano!
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    So cool! I have got to get one of those pano mounts.

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    That is cool!

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