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Thread: Looking to go backpacking

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    Looking to go backpacking

    Alright all, Looking to go backpacking near Echo res. Any input or help would be appreciated. It will be my first trip. The reason I chose echo is for cliff diving also.

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    Backpacking by echo-that's not usually a destination area, per-se. How many days you looking at?

    Did you see my cliff diving pics and vids at echo in the general videos forum? Do a search and it gives you the beta for the best spot for it (unless you already know where it is...).
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    Quote Originally Posted by jman View Post
    Backpacking by echo-that's not usually a destination area, per-se.
    I was thinking the exact same thing.

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    Yeah. Seems like it might be a better plan to backpack in the Uintas or something and hit Echo for a dip on the way home.

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    I have hiked (backpacked) all OVER the Unitas, if you need help with some spots let me know what mileage you are looking for (nights too) and I can suggest some great spots.
    I need a Canyoneering partner! I have a open schedule, all my own gear and am looking to go as much as possible..PM me!

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