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Thread: Snowy Range Backpacking

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    Snowy Range Backpacking

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    Great pics! Why do I never catch fish that big? I can't believe you brought your 10 month old, I don't have kids but I have some friends who wouldn't even bring their kids car camping until they were like 3. Kudos!

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    This was her 2nd backpacking trip. Nothing long for either- 1 mile in for the first, about 2.5 in for the 2nd. Some poeple say that kids change your life. They do, but only to the extent that you let them. My wife and I aren't the type that sit around talking about the good old days before we had kids. We're going to help our kids experience life- and keep living ourselves. Yes, we have made a few changes on HOW we do things, but there's no way I'm going to let it change WHAT I do. I've seen too many people that want to start camping when their kids are teenagers and they go once, listen to the kids gripe the whole time, and never try it again. Yeah, it hasn't been perfect all of the time with our little one, but she's coming along whether she likes it or not.

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    Great trip report - I have always wanted to go see that area.
    Biking, Hiking, and Fishing are life. Everything else is just fluff.

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