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Thread: Bogley Fantasy Football 2010

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    Bogley Fantasy Football 2010

    In addition to our usual fantasy league I'm in a defense only league that turned out to be wildly fun last season. Let me know if you're interested and I'll send the invite.

    I'll also be setting up the Bogley League in the next couple of weeks. Who's in this season? We need to make sure no one gets left out.
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    Ice (myself) and Blue Dragoons (from our 2008 season) are in for the Bogley League.

    Just email or PM me the info when you are ready for us to sign up.

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    Live2ride is back in the game this year after being left off the roster over contract disputes last year. PM me the info and I will get the cheese ready to move.

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    You better believe it.

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    Allright its up and everybody who played last season should have already receieved an invite. Those of you who got left out last year, check your PM for a sign up link from me.

    Lets get it on. Was there anything we wanted to change from last year? Are we still okay with a live draft?
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    Ready to roll. Live draft works for me.

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    I noticed we have 8 players signed up. I'd like to see a 10 player league.

    We need to get Rockgremlin signed up, I noticed he is MIA from the list, and find one more player that will actually play.

    Live draft is fine.... please try to set it after 8 pm (Utah time) and mid week.

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    live draft is sweet! Please get twn if possible or 12, I could get some homies if needed?

    Two wheels are better than four, keep the rubber side down.

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    i would love to play this year if there is room for me

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    I'm in fellas....I'll sign up either this afternoon or tomorrow. I wouldn't miss an opportunity to kick all ya'lls asses again...
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    Hey, I noticed our draft is set for tomorrow night. Is that correct? I also noticed we only have 9 signed up so the draft will not work. What's the deal? I'd like to see the draft pushed back the the week before show time.... this draft is to far out.

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    Sorry everyone! I was in the Poconos all week for my grandmas 95 birthday party. I've been horseback riding, pheasant hunting, canoeing, paintballing, and all sorts of other stuff. Didn't even remember the draft was tongight!

    I'm going to move the draft to another day in order to give everyone a chance to get in that wants in. I'll send PM's to Justin and azhiaziaham (however that's spelled) to get them the invite. I do not want a league without 10 players. So i'll make sure we have enough before the draft.

    I'm thinking Saturday or Sunday afternoon for the draft. Does that work for everyone?
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    Okay we have nine now. I just sent aziazhaim a PM to join as well which will put us at 10. I'm good with that! So as soon as he joins, I'll lock the teams and we'll be good to go.

    The draft is set for Saturday night at 7:30. There are no afternoon times available for Sunday. I kow it's saturday night so we could also do sunday morning at 9 or an evening sometime next week.
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    DO NOT schedule it for a weekend!!!!!!

    Some of us have actual lives with real women outside of fantasy football and world of Warcraft.

    I'm good with any week night. You can even leave it for tonight if everyone gets signed up.

    I might be able to make a Sunday morning... there is no way in hell Storm or I will make a Friday or Saturday night.

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    Ditto. Weeknights are best for me and I can still do tonight...

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    If what's his name sign up before 3 or 4 this afternoon then we'll do the draft tonight as originally scheduled. If he doesn't then we'll have to do it another night this week.
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    Okay. we had two more sign up so we are at 11 people. I know that the twelve guy will sign up today.

    I'm going to set the draft to be tomorrow night at 7:30 unless everyone says no. But i agree that a mid-week draft is better than a weekend.
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    allright all 12 are signed up. Draft is set for tomorrow night at 7:30. Remember that if you cannot make the live online draft just make sure youre pre-draft ranking are what you want. Yahoo will draft the highest ranked player available at your turn.
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    Draft is Wed Aug 25 8:30pm MDT (7:30pm PDT)

    Order of selection will be randomly determined [by Yahoo] approximately 30 minutes before the start of the draft.

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    sweet! I will be there and be ready!

    Two wheels are better than four, keep the rubber side down.

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