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Thread: Pineview Dam July 2010

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    Pineview Dam July 2010

    Another great day at Pineview...

    Luckily we had two boats up there. Shad's Mastercraft ran out of gas, and we had packed it so full that water was coming in from all sources. Nothing the bilge pump couldn't take care of though. Mark had his Ski Centurion up there too.

    We had fun with a lot of goofing off, trying new things on the surfboard. Shad and I happened to ride the board at the same time on the first try, but couldn't repeat it.

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    We had a little mishap with the surfboard, the first injury I've seen happen while wakesurfing. Dixi didn't crash or anything, but when she and the board sunk in the water, the board floated up pretty quickly and hit her straight in the top lip. It put a nice little cut on her lip and probably came close to knocking a tooth out! We took some pictures of the injury (of course) but they aren't the most flattering, so I'll hold off on posting them.

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    ^^^ pics or it didn't happen


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