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Thread: Discovery with huge potential.

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    Discovery with huge potential.

    Last year in the Ogden area I discovered an extremely remote and well hidden cave entrance that sits near 9,000' feet and presents a stiff breeze at its opening. Knowing somewhat about the geology of the area and knowing of the existence of caves more than 2,000' in the canyon below it is not at all unlikely that these caves are part of a much larger system (as evidenced by other discoveries and observations I have made in the area, i.e. several other entrances and evidence of cave formation). If air is coming out, that means its going in somewhere and I'd like to find out where. Not to get ahead of myself but I think this area has serious caving potential and could well be more than 1,000' deep based on the nature and orientation of the rock strata. I'd like to explore this possibility but I am in need of willing and competent partners. The snow should nearly be gone by now. If anyone is interested send me a PM and we can discuss specifics. I will not be available until mid july. something to think about.

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    Where is ogden exactly??? Sounds kinda cool!

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    Re: Discovery with huge potential.

    Quote Originally Posted by forum8fox
    Where is ogden exactly??? Sounds kinda cool!
    Northern Utah. About 45 min north of salt lake.
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    Sounds pretty awesome. I'd love to see some pics without giving away the location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by forum8fox View Post
    Where is ogden exactly??? Sounds kinda cool!
    Here, hope this helps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Summit View Post
    Here, hope this helps

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    thanks for the PM's. I'm going to do some recon and see if the initial shaft presents possibility of more serious exploration. And I'll be in touch.

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    Any update on this? I'd love to join along. I don't have a lot of caving experience though, but I do have a harness and helmet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sombeech View Post
    Any update on this? I'd love to join along. I don't have a lot of caving experience though, but I do have a harness and helmet.

    Plus Jumar has lots of experience and would be great to have along on that kind of expedition.
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    unfortunately, time has not allowed me to do any investigation, I have the next week off and plan to be in the area and I will hopefully have some info soon.

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    it's official, i'll be up there monday to investigate. I've had to work out the logistics of getting some gear up there. I should have some info next week

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    well, as I geared up and anxiously stared stared down the hole I thought, "wow, I'm on the edge of the unknown". I slipped inside and wiggled down foot first through a squeeze or two, got to a point where I could no longer see the opening, flipped around headfirst only to realize that what lay ahead was impassible. The cave was choked with breakdown and dirt from the years. The main rock blocking the passage had a breeze flowing around it, the one I mentioned in my initial post. It looks like the source of this air flow will remain a mystery. Kind of a let down but the day was not a total loss.

    We found another hole farther down the mountain and my brother anxiously crawled over a floor paved with poop with his back against the rocks. he shouted back "it keeps going". he disappeared and kept going. he made it back about 30 feet to a small room that was big enough for several people to squat in. but that was it. I followed and noticed a sleeping porcupine off to one side and figured he was the likely source of most of what covered the floor. once in the small back room I noticed several bones from past inhabitants of the cave. The structure of this cave suggests that there is much more but that it is all full of dirt, like a 4 foot pipe filled with 3 feet of soft dirt. A shovel may prove useful in pursuing this passage but will likely prove to be alot of work. I'm not interested in creating a mine tailing just to find another dead end.

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    I live in Ogden and would like to go up to the caves you found! I have been to Garners cave many times in my life and was part of the mapping of that cave but I have done a lot of hiking in the area and other nearby canyons and have not found anything else of significance. I am free Whenever on the weekends and most evenings if you have some time would love to go up and see the blowing hole that is boulder choked off and the small cave with the porcupine sleeping in it.

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