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Thread: Embed a Flickr Slideshow

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    Embed a Flickr Slideshow

    This will embed a Flickr Photo Set slideshow into your post. You'll see this button as you're editing:

    PLEASE NOTE; Flickr has updated their code. The video is not reflecting these changes. Please read the new updated instructions immediately below:
    ***New Current Flickr Embed Method***

    You'll still hit the Flickr button shown here:

    Name:  flickr.png
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Size:  18.5 KB

    But now instead of pasting the set ID, you'll grab the username and photo ID from the url. This url is our example:

    We'll grab the username from the url which is 23557848@N03 in this case, and the photo ID which is 13745276434, including the slash, so 23557848@N03/13745276434 and we'll paste them between the Flickr tags like this:

    PHP Code:
    And the result is:

    OLD INSTRUCTIONS (keeping around just for reference):

    You'll copy the set id - the numbers at the end of the url, after /sets/ ... and paste those between the flickr tags.

    Example code:
    PHP Code:
    Here's a 1 minute tutorial video:

    And here is a sample result, credit to Summit for the photos, a fully functional slideshow. Click around on it to see the different options.

    You can sign up for a Flickr account for free at

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