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Thread: What are your favorite ruins?

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    What are your favorite ruins?

    I have a whooping week in between semesters, but we are trying to make as good of use of it as possible. The plan is to head to Moab friday, check some stuff out around there, then work our way down 191 to 95, and come back up, to check out some ruins in the area, or maybe the Needles. I have never been to any at all, so I am wondering what people would recommend I check out. We have a day or two to fill up.

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    What kind of vehicle do you have?

    Davis and Lavender Canyons are in the Needles, but a 4wd (maybe an AWD) is best.

    The arch/ruin in Davis Canyon is one of the coolest ruins anywhere, but it's kind of hidden. Davis and Lavender Canyons have many other ruins as well, some of them hidden and quite spectacular and some neat ones that are easy to find. Big Pocket in Upper Salt Creek has some nice ruins as well.

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    If you're heading down to 95 then Cedar Mesa comes into play. HaVE

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    Oops, hit the wrong key. As I was suggesting: Cedar Mesa. If you haven't hiked to ruins in that area, pick up a copy of A Hiking Guide to Cedar Mesa by Peter Francis Tassoni. A week in the area will just scratch the surface of hike possibilities.

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    should be in a 4wd tacoma, so a litte off road shouldnt be a problem, although i dont want to offer my friends truck up to anything to nasty... and yes, currently stuff on 95 is a possibility as the plan sits right now

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