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Thread: TR: East Fork Bluejohn, North Fork Robber's Roost

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    TR: East Fork Bluejohn, North Fork Robber's Roost

    Just tagged these 2 this weekend.

    Did the East Fork of Bluejohn with some friends that were new to the sport. Quite a bit of water in there. 3 of us had wetsuits, the other 2 didn't. There were probably about 5 swims or so... seemed like a lot of water, and probably was since it is spring. Overall, had a blast.

    Sunday we hit up the North fork of Robbers Roost, a dry canyon :P It was pretty fun, some nice cliffs, fun downclimbs, but I liked the up-climb out the Crack Exit the best. I'll post some pics when I get a chance... maybe in a day or 2.

    Not summer yet! Hit up those exposed approach canyons while the getting is good! :P

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    East Bluejohn, Alacatraz, White roost Reports......

    We also did East Bluejohn, (no wetsuits, cold water shoulder deep, I'm really start to dislike being cold in the canyons) on 4/24, there was group of boy scouts (?) who also did it with no wetsuits (or helmets) that looked very blue at the first warm spot, and up the Main fork. Quite the traffic jam at the upclimb....

    4/22 - White Roost, - no wetsuits, no water except for the last rap, and only ankle deep (I acted like I went under and splashed about, big fun)

    4/23 Alacatraz - With wetsuits, but was dry with mud in a few spots..


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    I've heard they're filming the Ralston movie down there this spring. Run into anyone filming or scouting or anything?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don View Post
    I've heard they're filming the Ralston movie down there this spring. Run into anyone filming or scouting or anything?
    They were filming in leprechaun canyon a couple weeks ago (the weekend we did Sandthrax). Helicopters, semi's, trucks, etc... all over the place. They moved out to the roost after but they may be finished now.

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    127 HOurs

    They were filming in Bluejohn when we were there, but it was further down than the confluence of East/Main forks. Some horse people said the movie people had ladders and other gear all setup in the canyons

    We arrived on Wednesday night (4/21) at about 9 at the turnoff from 24, there were blinking pylons and cones and a big arrow and a sign "127 Hours", we thought that "127 Hours" was an endurance race or something. We camped/did White Roost, and then drove over to Larrys, (more pylons, arrows, etc at the Big T) the movie crew had dozed a small road off of section between the Big T and Little Y and have a camp with tractor trailers, helicopters, fuel trucks, etc... there. Not a typical April in the Roost.

    When we left on Sunday, we got back to the Big T, I arranged the arrows to point to Horsehoe (? or whatever it is where the road goes straight), laughed and took pictures, and then moved the arrows back to their original position.

    Lots of vehicle traffic into the Roost on Sunday, we assumed they were movie staff as hardly anybody waved back at us.....

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