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Thread: Big Space when quoting?

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    Big Space when quoting?

    Why the big empty space in the post when someone is quoted?
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    This happens when you're in "Compatibility view" - that button right next to your url bar. Try turning that off.
    I had the same problem and Beech told me to turn it off.

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    Yep. I'm guessing you've either got the Compatibility View button turned on (in Internet Explorer 8), which you should turn that off;

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    If you don't see that button, you can turn it off in Tools, Compatibility View.


    If you frequent certain sites that need that button turned on, you can set which sites to automatically turn it on/off:

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    If Bogley is in there, remove it.

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    Hope that helps.

    If you're using Internet Explorer but don't have these options, you might be using version 7, where you should stay up to date with IE8. This will be pushed out through Windows Updates.

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    Hmmm, I might just have to live with it while at work. I know some of the settings are managed by the administrator and I don't see anything on the tool bar or in the Tools drop down menu about Compatibility View. I went into Internet Options and to the Advanced Tab and looked through that list (a lot there I can't change either) and don't see anything there.
    No big deal I guess and I'm not going to rock the boat with IT admin about some minor issue on a social forum.

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    Go to Help, and About Internet Explorer. Maybe you're on IE7. If so, your computer needs to run a few Windows Updates, or maybe your employer is blocking IE8 installs because of the anonymous surfing capability.

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    Ah, IE7. I don't do any updates; it's all admin. It's likely thier blocking 8 if there's a security concern.

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    Yeah, could be blocked, maybe some of their software doesn't run well on IE8 yet. If the anonymous browsing is an issue, there's a way to disable that. But as a whole, IE8 is more secure than IE7. It could also be a sign of other Windows Updates you guys don't have yet. Anyways, I'll get off of my I.T. high horse.

    Do you have Mozilla Firefox as an option?
    ....and I'm saying this after my long rant a few months ago about I.T. trying to push Firefox to the users who can't view their site.

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    Firefox is not allowed. I use it at home and used it when I first started working here but it has been banned now. No big deal I guess. I'll live with it at work. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don View Post
    Firefox is not allowed.
    Yeah, I'm with ya there. It's banned here at school too. What's with these Gov't organizations and Firefox?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don View Post
    Why the big empty space in the post when someone is quoted?
    I have no idea what you are talking about :)
    "My heart shall cry out for Moab..." Isaiah 15:5

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    Quote Originally Posted by DiscGo View Post
    I have no idea what you are talking about :)

    Dang it! I had pressed enter like a million times to leave a huge space and it forced my message to the top. That really kills what I was going for :)
    "My heart shall cry out for Moab..." Isaiah 15:5

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    Doesn't do it at home. Which is why I hadn't noticed it before. I can live with that.

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