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Thread: Bonneville Shoreline Trail?

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    Bonneville Shoreline Trail?

    My wife and I have begun to condition ourselves for when the snow melts off and are looking for day hike trials with no snow.

    I remember a few years ago playing paintball and some hikers walking through our game and was told that we were playing on the "Bonneville Shoreline Trial" and it runs along the northern Wasatch Front.

    I'm wondering if you guys have any tips, cools hikes, and links to maps for where the trial heads are? Just yesterday we went out to Antelope Island for a good hike but that would be sweet if there was something even closer for us to hike on (we live in North Salt Lake).

    Thanks in advance


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    For Ogden area of the BST
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    Might not be much closer but Draper has a pretty good variety of trails that branch off the Bonneville Shoreline. Some are in neighborhoods but some are on the benches. They are snow free and good for this time of year. There are a lot of trails/dirt roads behind the capitol and around the U that are usually good in the spring as well (some of them might be snowy still but probably not bad.) This time of year the first mile or two of the Mount Olympus trail is usually mostly snow free although I've not been on any of these recently.


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    Draper has been developing a really sweet trail system over the years....

    Also, the Jordan River Parkway is a nice winter trail. The trail system is completed all the way through Murray, which is the longest uninterrupted part of the trail. A couple years ago my mother walked the complete trail (over several days) from Utah Lake to Great Salt Lake, she said the completed parts of the trail were no problem... but some of the sections that were just lines on a map were sometimes interesting.

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    Thanks for the links! I went and picked my wife up from work (she works out by the Eaglewood Golf Course) and we pulled up to the start of a trail out there and hiked for a little over and hour and watched the sunset. Very cool!

    I've been going over maps and google earth checking out trails up there and it's amazing how many there are running along city creek, Eaglewood area, and north canyon.

    I think I'll be doing a lot more dusk hiking after work. What a great way to start conditioning myself, get out in the woods a bit, and spend time with the wife.


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