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Thread: Red Rock conservation area - Las Vegas - recommended hikes?

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    Red Rock conservation area - Las Vegas - recommended hikes?

    My wife and I will be heading down to Mexico early next month, and are flying out of Vegas. Due to the way our flight works out, we are going to have a full day to waste in Vegas, and seeing as how I don't want to blow a bunch of money, I'm thinking about heading out to do some hiking - thinking in Red Rock.

    Do any of you have recommended hikes out there? something 3-4 miles and badass?
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    For wasting a day I like Valley of Fire better than Red Rocks.

    Ice Box is my favorite Red Rocks hike.

    here is some info on Valley of Fire

    And if you have never been the tour of Hoover Dam is only a couple of bucks and well worth the trip.

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    I did a great little hike in Red Rocks, only about 2 miles, with some really nice scrambling - both up and down. It's called "Red Cap Mountain" or "Little Turtlehead Mountain". Nice short lollipop loop. Despite the short distance, I spent about 3 hours there, wandering and exploring.

    Some people just right of centre:

    Looking back up the descent side. The same folks visible again:

    More photos:

    I didn't have my GPS with me, but here's an approximate Google Earth file. The loop part was counter clockwise. Approached the peak from the southeast and descended the west.

    This is a trip I really want to do again, and drag along anyone who will go.
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    And I've never been but Anniversery Narrows are on my to-do list.

    Ditto for Gold Strike Hot Spring

    And Arizona Hot Spring

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    Its hard to find really good trail discriptions for the area but try looking at this site.

    I'd try Gateway loop (no fees) He calls it Gateway loop but most people know it as Kraft Mt. Loop and its a good hike with the first part being uphill.

    My favorite hike is Whiterock loop. Good variations in terrian but it is 6.3 miles. it takes me less than 3 hours to hike it and generally there is nobody on it.

    If you are there on a weekend I'd avoid the first three pullouts Cailco 1 has tourist. Calico 2 is small and will be jamed with rock climbers. Sandstone Quarry has a couple of good hikes but every tourist stops there and parking can be tough.

    I can post you more hike to look at if needed. And if there is a way to upload pdf files I can share someone elses trail guides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dayhiker
    And if there is a way to upload pdf files
    You can upload PDF files to Bogley. Just hit the browse and attach button in a message just below where you type in your post information.

    This is the same way you upload pictures. You can also upload a lot of other file types like DOC and KMZ. I believe there is a size restriction, but I'm not sure what it is.

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    Courtney asked me to post this as he is having computer issues. And Courtney is "the man" for LV area stuff...

    Although Valley of Fire is fun and all, Red Rock is the sweetest hiking/scrambling area in southern Nevada. Your options are virtually limitless. Since you asked for something "3-4 miles...badass" and a "hike", I'd have to second something like Red Cap. If you're into something a bit more challenging (class 4), you simply can't go wrong with Mescalito's scrambling route via Fern Canyon. It's the best short(ish) scramble in the area, I think. White Rock Pinnacle is great fun, though loose and funky in a few spots. The summit is classic, tiny and exposed. East Monument is great. Juniper Peak is another phenomenal, short outing that's mostly quite easy. White Rock Peak is fun, with some interesting scrambling and route-finding. Or you can just wander around Calico Hills. Great stuff! Lots and lots of longer stuff out there too.

    As for stuff outside of Red Rock, Anniversary Narrows is very short and easy but pretty neat. I was through there again a couple weeks ago...and it was flowing!

    Arizona Hot Springs is awesome. Gold Strike is even better.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Iceaxe
    Courtney asked me to post this as he is having computer issues. And Courtney is "the man" for LV area stuff...

    Although Valley of Fire is fun and all, Red Rock is the sweetest hiking/scrambling area in southern Nevada. Your options are virtually limitless. Since you asked for something "3-4 miles...badass" and a "hike", I'd have to second something like Red Cap....
    See? See? And Courtenay's the man!

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    thanks all - you are all the man!
    Tear down Dams, Build up Dreams!

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    sound great! when you want to chill out and enjoy a fantastic view?
    Try either hiking up or driving to the top and walking out to the two overlooks in Boulder City at Bootleg Canyon. Black Mtn is a short jaunt
    and red mtn is a short walk up the other direction. You will park at the saddle right at the gate of the towers. Red mtn had a great view and a zipline that you can pay for in Boulder city and ride back down the mtn.
    Black mtn is a blackrock cap where the sun sets and you have an amazing view of Lake Meade over your shoulder. The, the Vegas strip lights up, off in the distance, below. Bring binoculars and go on a warm, calm evening.
    Bring your mtn bikes and there are tons of trails down the mtn.
    Also, no fees. Unless ya ride the zipline.
    Kinda popular. But with all places like that, you can still find your privacy and enjoy the fantastic lights below. You can see the bridge construction from there, too. Bring a headlamp or flashlight. Easy trail...
    I'll post some pics the next time I go.

    My favorite little gem of a place to sit and watch Vegas come alive, below.
    "Just waiting for a sip of that sweet Mojave rain"
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    I'll second the Bootlet Canyon/Red Mountain/Black Mountain area for being pretty cool. 'Specially Bootleg.

    Thanks for posting my info, Ice. I'm certainly not the man, though; just a hack like most other people.

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    Perhaps not bad ass but worth a look: Sloan Canyon. Couple miles south on Las Vegas Blvd beyond the M Resort Casino, turn left and follow the power line for 3 plus miles before making a right to the TH. Road is very slow going for 2wd. Probably an easier way from Henderson. I could see blacktop a half mile away.

    Alternatively, you could explore the high walls and labyrinths of City Center.
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    CP is too modest to plug his own book here so I'll do it for him

    Rambles and Scrambles
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    Sloan Canyon is another fine spot. The canyon itself has some 1,500 documented petroglyphs. If you're wanting to get up a peak while you're there too, Sutor Benchmark is the highpoint of the area. It's got some nice views. Just across the way from Sutor Benchmark are two striking peaks. We called them 'Canine Crag' and 'Feline Fang'. Canine Crag is the more interesting one. It's class 4 via the west arete, but there's also a loose class 2 ramp on the north face. We put a register (and a dog skull) on the tippy top.

    Thanks for the plug, by the way. I've been working hard on a much-improved second addition. Already covers some 500 peaks in the southern Nevada area. This edition will have many, many more photos.

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    I'm planning a trip to the US this year and I would love to visit these places. Something always drawn me to it. Can't wait for it to finally happen.
    My newly started blog:
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