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Thread: My rant on Sprint

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    My rant on Sprint

    So the day after Christmas our family had an emergency and needed to call 911. I couldn't.
    I was trying to call 911 on my wifes phone and trying to call my nurse neighbor on mine.
    The phone's were just talking to each other. All I could was hear was myself on both phones.
    I tried hanging up and switching which phone was calling who and got the same thing.

    Sprint's analysis is that they were 'cross-talking'. Their solution? Try calling 911 to see if it works (that should go well) and reset my phone. I go through their reset process every time I have to take a test at school and turn it off. This should work "most of the time".
    I don't want 911 to work 'most' of the time. It should work every time!

    Up to this point I had been very patient and calm.
    When I told them I would like out of our contract because of the lack in faith I have in their system she told me "we'd hate to lose you over this one little incident". I lost it. I told her "This is not a little incident" she tried to correct herself and said 'minor detail'. It just kept getting worse for her.

    I gave them the option of letting me out of this contract and we leave on good terms and I come back at a later date or come July when the contract is done we are gone for good. If we were to cancel early they are going to charge us $200.00 which they "can't waive".
    We've been with Sprint for well over 5 years without a single late payment and to tell me that they "can't" waive the cancellation is crap. They WON'T.
    With the bills about to roll in I can't afford the cancel fee and start up a new contract elsewhere, so I'm stuck. CRIPES!

    Sorry for the rant. I had to get this out.
    Have a great day. Just not with Sprint.

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    Lawyer up, dude!

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    You should call a local news station ...

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    Talking to the little guys in the call center gets you nowhere. You've got to ask for their manager. Then ask for the manager's manager. And even then, maybe again.

    A few years back I had Verizon and was at the end of my 2 year contract. I switched providers because my wife was with another provider. We'd gotten married a month or two prior.

    I sent in my last payment, thus fulfilling my 2-year contract, and after it went through changed to another company. I even checked the billing structure to make sure that I was getting charged at the end of the billing period, rather than before the billing period. Everything's cool.

    Anyway, they hit me with something like a $170 "early termination" charge. It took a while on the phone asking to talk to managers etc before they finally waved it.

    I think the policy is that the peons in the call center can't do jack. So much for customer service...

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    After about 4 managers and the threat of going public, they let us out of our contract. Like you guys said, just keep asking for the next manager up.

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