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Thread: Ogden BST - North

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    Ogden BST - North

    I met up with a couple of North Ogdeners to ride the Northern Skyline Trail on Saturday morning. However, the cloud ceiling was sitting well below the ridge line so we bailed and rode the Shoreline Trail from the North Ogden Divide down to 1200 S and back. A pretty good consolation prize! I liked the up and down nature of the trail and the technical rocky sections were a good challenge. If only Logan's shoreline trails were this good. Ours are pretty bad up here. Sorry, no pics.

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    I still haven't done that section, north of 12th street. I guess it's just a habit of going south. One of these days I'll venture up there.

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    hmmm never tried it myself

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    its a good ride..not as good as the ride to the south..imho...but it is a good one espically early in the year or late in the year as it clears off so fast...
    go get lost, it is good for the soul

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    I was a little bummed that the weather wouldn't allow us to do the Northern Skyline Trail as it has been on my radar for quite a while. I guess I'll now have to wait until next July!

    Apparently there has been a lot of work done on this section of the BST this past summer. My ride guides told me that a large chunk on the southern end (of the Northern section......) is brand new. Whoever is cutting it did a good job.

    It'd be fun to start at the North Ogden Divide and go all the way to the south end of the BST. Apparently it's something like 10-11 miles total.

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    be patient that north skyline clears off is one of the trails you can ride late and early in the season. it has been a long time since i have nto been able to ride it on thanksgiving..
    go get lost, it is good for the soul

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    I like this trail, it recieved alot of improvement last summer. It is extended up and around an ugly section. Alot of good work done.

    It is fun to park above Weber state by Strongs canyon and ride across the BST and under 12th street. Out and back on the North section, back up Rainbow, high trail BST past Strongs and down the scetchy wash by Ross drive to the trail head. Fun early or late season ride.

    You can do the North section way before the snow comes off the South section.

    We need to hook up and do the north sec. when its ready.
    I will keep an eye on it in early march.
    Still trying to get in riding shape.

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