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Thread: Mystery - October 13, 2009

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    Mystery - October 13, 2009

    I got into Zion on Sunday afternoon, and hung out for the day. Don arrived late that evening. Monday we did a bit of driving around, and headed for the east side of the park. Looked at petroglyphs in Petroglyph Canyon, then started to hike up the first drainage to the north above the tunnel. Later found out it's called Shelf Canyon (thanks, dude in ZAC) and had a great time scrambling around in there. After that, a walk out to the Canyon Overlook, then off to the BC office for our Mystery permit. Dinner (and too much to drink) at the Thai place near Sol foods.

    Mystery Canyon: We took the ZAC shuttle up to the trailhead, which we both loved. Only $24 (on sale) and we wouldn't have to head back up, tired and stinky, after our adventure. We were sensible, and got the 9:30 bus - we don't need no stinkin' early mornings.

    The canyon was a great romp - "Oh my heck, it has everything," we kept quoting ratagonia as we descended. The sand pile wasn't too bad, as the weather was cloudy and mild. It was also much shorter than Don remembered it.

    Somehow, I managed to leave my Atlas gloves at the bottom of some rappel in the canyon. Oops.

    We got the rope stuck at the Mystery Spring rap, but with a little jiggling and messing about, managed to get it down before having to jug that long way up.

    I managed to stay upright for the whole Mystery Falls rap - until the last 6 feet, where I slipped. D'oh! "Oh, almost!" said one of the Narrows Walkers.

    Don's wetsuit was a big hit on the Riverside Walk, and on the shuttle bus back downcanyon.

    That night, we met up with the Cricket of Death for a great dinner at the Whiptail Grill! Had a great time hanging out!

    All my photos are here:

    Some highlights:

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    What a great day that was! Wish I was still there now!
    Sorry, I've been a TR slacker this week. Here are my pics from that day:

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    The above link to my pics isn't working. Try this:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don
    The above link to my pics isn't working. Try this:
    Nope - still no luck...

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