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Thread: Listening to the COPS!

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    Listening to the COPS!

    I have been using this iPhone app for a few weeks. Kinda cool. you can listen to Police and Fire frequencies from all across the country. Does anybody else listen to a scanner? I have been listening to the Salt Lake County Sheriff channel. Interesting stuff.

    I heard something about some guy called Iceaxe drag racing on state...

    It also lists all the police codes on the screen so you can follow along.

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    I have a scanner I used to listen to but not much any more. Only time I use the scanner now is to listen to the race teams at a race track. My wife crews an ambulance so I can listen to those calls if I want.... if something big is happening (like when the Smart girl was found) she usually calls from work and gives me a heads up.

    Like right now.... there is a story of some dude on a BMW scooter flashing the JR high girls....

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    I listen to the scanner every day in the newsroom. Often very interesting stuff.

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