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Thread: Anyone familiar with Utah consumer laws?

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    Anyone familiar with Utah consumer laws?

    I bought a truck from Brent Brown on Saturday and saw that exact same truck on KSL tonight (same vin# and everything) for almost $3000 less than what I paid.

    Do any of you know if a dealer can sell a vehicle for more than the advertised price?

    I like the truck and all but the way I see it, they owe me some money. I don't know if Utah has a 3 day return law or if Brent Brown simply bent me over rather than "bending over backwards" for me as they claim in their advertisements.

    What course of action would you take?

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    Sounds like they saw you coming.

    I think if you failed to negotiate a better price at the dealer then it's on you. You agreed to purchase the vehicle for the price, then signed your name on the dotted line. That being said, I have purchased things before and then seen them on sale the next week. Every time I've gone into the merchant they have given me a refund for the difference. Every single time. But it's usually been a difference of under $20, not 3k. Good luck.
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    I would take a few screenshots of the ad on KSL as proof. Then head in for a refund. You have 30 days to return a vehicle, so they either cut you a check or you tell them that your returning their vehicle.

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    "Dealers are not required by law to give used car buyers a three-day right to cancel. The right to return the car in a few days for a refund exists only if the dealer grants this privilege to buyers. Dealers may describe the right to cancel as a "cooling-off" period, a money-back guarantee, or a "no questions asked" return policy. Before you purchase from a dealer, ask about the dealer's return policy, get it in writing and read it carefully."

    But I'd still print out the ad and go to the dealership. Ask for the manager and tell them what happened and that you are unhappy. Most reputable dealerships will want to make you happy to keep you as a customer.

    One other item.... was the ad from the same dealer you bought from??? If the car was run across the block at the dealers auto auction who knows what the real price is. Or if the dealership bought from a private party the dealership is entitled to make some money.

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    I wouldn't exactly say that they saw me coming. When it was all said and done, I paid about $2K less than NADA value so I was alright with that. Thanks for the compliment though .

    Yeah, the ad was from the same dealership and even listed the same stock# that was on the key tags. It had been on there for less than 24 hours when I saw it last night so I assume that their internet guy screwed up. I do have a copy of the ad which is now gone. I was thinking of handling it over the phone, but I think you're right. I should probably go in.

    If they don't step up and show a little integrity, I think it would be very short sighted on their part. I'm thinking about getting my wife a new Tahoe sometime over the next year and now they have the opportunity to show me that it could be in my interest to go through them. I have several local friends who might very well be in the market to purchase a vehicle in the near future. If the GM doesn't make this right, I'm pretty confident that they won't see any of them on their lot either.

    I understand that I'm pretty much stuck with the truck. That's not a bad thing. I like it and wouldn't have bought it otherwise. But come on, I'm not even asking them to bend over backwards for me. Just give me the price that they would have given the guy that saw that ad before he went in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bbennett
    I was thinking of handling it over the phone, but I think you're right. I should probably go in.
    Do not do this over the phone.... do it face to face.... do it with the manager and not the salesman. Just walk into the dealership, go to the receptionist, tell her you have a problem and need to talk with the manager. You don't need to tell the receptionist or anyone else what the problem is.... you want the manager.... he is the guy with the most power, he is also a manger for a reason, which means he knows how to deal with problems and upset customers.....

    Go prepared..... have the net ad with you and printed up. The first thing a good salesmen/manager will do is ask "What will make you happy?"

    Have an answer ready....

    I would have several options prepared.... of course the first thing you are going to ask for is the net price.... they might counter with several legit reasons why the net is cheaper like no sales commission. The truck may also have been detailed or something since the ad.....

    But be prepared to deal some... listen to what they say and be understanding if its a legit reason.... also, as a last resort I'd make them and offer.... ask them to at least split the difference with you or something....

    A good manager will understand that he can not get rich off of one customer, but that he can go broke off of one customer.....

    Good luck....

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    Thanks for all of the input. I really do appreciate it.

    Well, I got it handled and I feel pretty good about it. They claim that the advertised price was a misprint. Considering that the clean trade in value is only about $400 less than the price on KSL, I can accept that. $400 isn't much wiggle room when negotiating a sales price on a used vehicle.

    They went ahead and knocked down my original purchase price by almost $2,000, as per my request. Honestly, I'm just glad that they were willing to do anything.

    BTW: Here's the truck;
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    Sweet! Sounds like it worked out well for you and you certainly have a nice ride.

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    Congratulations on a very nice ride!

    Glad to hear you were able to work things out. I've always heard very good things about Brent Brown.

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