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Thread: Darby Ice Cave

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    Darby Ice Cave

    We had a very fun trip through the ice cave last weekend, it was my first time and it is definitely worthy of many more trips. It took us 6 hrs to make it through due to getting a little turned around in a spot, but after a few prayers and some help some a group behind us we made it out without a problem. Love the belly crawls and cold water. A great day. Not a whole lot of pics, but enjoy..

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    Nice! That looks pretty cool.

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    Nice man. Looks like lots of fun.
    -- Austin

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    You fellas made the homepage this week! close to a celeb as I've ever been
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    Hi, I've been all the way through the Darby Ice/Wind Caves 6 times. I'm really familiar with them now but I am still looking for a "map" of the cave just for safety. I know one exists, but can't seem to find it anywhere. My understanding is it is hard to find because they don't want to encourage less skilled people from entering the cave. Does anyone know where I you can get access to one?

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    I think the only one I have is just of the ice cave portion (stopping in the cascade pit). I'll look around in my notes see if I have anything better. Sounds like it could use a more up to date map though. That'd be a fun project.

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    I would also like to know if there is a map of this cave.. Has anyone had luck finding that map? :)

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    When I went through the cave I went with a guy from Boise part of the Gem State Grotto at the time, He had a map and I have his contact info I will see if he is willing to part with a copy. have not done the cave in years I need to get back up there!

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    That would be awesome!
    Maybe its time to plan a trip up there.. yeah?

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    Agreed! Just let me know when!

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    Edit: I'm no longer giving out info on the caves. Go get some adventure!
    It's my job to call the BS around here. Get over it.

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    Not trying to kill the party, but please be advised that all USFS caves in Wyoming are officially closed due to White-Nose Syndrome fears. Not likely that you would get caught, but it would be bad if you did. Just trying to save cavers the trouble of a potentially embarrassing and costly encounter with USFS law enforcement. If you disagree with this closure as I do, please contact the USFS and let them know how you feel.

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    From what I understand, you can enter the cave if you have decontaminated all your gear first. But the closure order ends July of this year, so there is a chance it will just be lifted altogether. Who knows? I just really hope it doesnt hit Utah. : )

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    Hmmm, it seems you may be right. The closure I indicated apparently ended on Dec. 1. I will look into this more and report back.

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    Hmmm. Yeah if you find anymore info on it let me know..

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    Yo cavers.... is the Darby ice Cave still closed due to White Nose Syndrome? Does anyone know or can someone point me in the direction of someone that might know?

    We have already called the local rangers and they are not sure.


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    I heard from someone that contacted the office that all caves on the Targhee are now open. The closure expired and was not renewed.

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    The Caves are open and have been since the beginning of the year. The water coming out of the caves is low right now too making it a prime time to do a full ice through wind trip!

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