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Thread: Inspiration P>Willard Peak>Ben Lomond>N Ogden Divid

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    Inspiration P>Willard Peak>Ben Lomond>N Ogden Divid

    Long day but fun!

    EDIT: Ok so I tried to put my comments about each photo above the photos that didn't work. So I am just copying and pasting so you get the whole story.

    We drove 14 miles up to Inspiration Point. It took FOREVERRRRRR to get here. The boys (my cousins) wanted to start our day at Noon. I made them get going at 9:30AM and it was a good thing too!!!

    After the ride we had to drive in my car to retreave the truck we left. Did I mention how long this took? We left Judah's house in at 9AM I arrived home that night at 10:30PM. BAAAAAH that was a LONG day and most of it in the car I think.

    Judah was always waiting on Matt and Me, and the only time I waited on Matt was a few uphills other than that I saw very little of these guys. I was in slow motion. For one the view was amazing!!! and two I did not want a repeat of the previous year. I was a slow cautious rider. That is Willard Peak in the back ground.

    I rode a good share of the trail but I did some hike-a-bike too. Very steep and rocky in parts. And of course I carried my bike to the top for a photo of me and my trusty steed on top.

    Matt's friends who we happened to run into rode his bike off of the peak. YIKES!!!! Really it was amazing to watch. Never in my life would I even THINK about attempting this. I was truly impressed. He didn't make it all the way off but in the pics he did make it to where the other bike is resting. Then gracefully unclipped himself said something about how he should have picked this or that line. Got off the bike and walked it a few feet then off he went.

    Maybe he didn't make it all the way. BUT DAMN!!! I was in shock at how far he did make it and he did not go head overhills down the mountain. Anyway here he is back on his bike and off he goes.

    I didn't take any pics of the killer switchbacks coming off of Ben Lomond. I think I only succesfully made it around 2 of the like 10 switchbacks. Too rocky and too steep for me. Maybe next time.... wait did I say next time. Oh hell you and I both know it is there and I will do it again. Only this time I think I will climb up from North Ogden Pass I seriously think it would take less time than driving to Inspiration Point. Last year when I made the attempt I started from North Fork Park and made to about where I took this current pic. I was running out of daylight and had to head home. We all know how that ride ended. :(

    This is really a very long ass trail. I didn't bother to take any pictures of a huge section of trail because the boys were so far ahead of me I thought I had lost them and my way. I really thought I had made a wrong turn and was going to come out in Liberty. In the corner you can see the parking lot at the top of North Ogden Divide. That is NOT where my car is. No we parked in North Ogden. The downhill ride is not even close to being over. You can see the trail it switches back a gazillion times as you climb down to the parking lot. That is Pineview Dam in the background. Did I mention that we got home at 11:30PM?? Yeah we headed back to get Judah's truck and the road up was closed for about an hour while emergency crew took care of a women who crashed on her 4-wheeler. Then it was slow go for the Subaru to make it to the top. But what a FUN DAY!!!!
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    Great job on that one. That's a killer ride. Now ride it in the other direction and start at Pineview and finish in Brigham. That's a good one too.

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    I rode Pineview to Lewis peak the week before. My intentions were to make it over to N. Odgen divide and back down. HA HA HA I need to ride uphill faster. That did not happen.

    We did meet another rider on top of Ben Lomond that had ridden from Pineview up to Ben Lomond. CRAZY NUTCASE!!!!!

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    Nice pics.

    I've been wanting to do that on a bike for a very long time.

    If you think it's really that long, try it on foot from the North Ogden Divide to Willard Peak and then back out. I wish I had worn the big burly boots for that one.
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    nice pics...have not been up on that ride for while..
    go get lost, it is good for the soul

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    Good stuff! You guys are animals! I would still like to ride the Crest to Millcreek sometime this year before the snow flies.

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