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Thread: Kamikaze Knot - Bear Grylls

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    Kamikaze Knot - Bear Grylls

    Check this vid out at 1:35. Bear Grylls ties a kamikaze knot. Who wants to try this on their next trip? Sorry, this is prolly a re-post?

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    neat trick. We rappelled on something similar when OldNo7 took us through Hiddenstar. Pretty cool stuff.
    The man thong is wrong.

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    Ah but yes! It's the "cut the sheep shank" trick! The "hitch" normally would be used to shorten a "line" without cutting it, but a little ingenuity (and cajones much bigger than mine) has allowed him another "got away with it!" episode! Have known folks that have used this in the past.

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    Seems like that could save your ass in a rough sittuation.

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