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Thread: Weather Phenomenon

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    Weather Phenomenon

    this would make a great sticky.
    I took a couple shot's last night, but the lightning was 20-30 miles away. o.k. results, but nothing spectacular.
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    Good stuff, I missed out on all the lightning this weekend. Supper sick light show over Utah lake Friday night but I never got the camera out.

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    I could add a couple to a Lightning sticky:

    HOWEVER, I've seen others request (and I think it makes sense) that we have a Weather Phenomenom sticky. that is something that everyone, regardless of location, could participate in.
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    Don't have much lightning but I was photographing the sunset on my roof in Sandy once while a nice little lightning storm rolled through. Not safe but I got down for the wost of it. The big one is Bells Canyon lit up.

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    thanks carpey.

    now, everyone better start posting up their weather pics...or else
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    About all I got after taking 200+ shots last night....

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    From my back yard...

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    Rainbow with the Book Cliffs in the background
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    wow udink! helluva shot!

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    I hope this isn't too many, but I can never decide which ones to post. PS, nice rainbow Udink.

    Above the clouds after a snowstorm:

    Looking down on the sunset from 16,500 feet:

    Giant lenticular cloud over Annapurna:

    Clouds from my backyard:

    Rainbow over Split Mountain:

    Storm breaking up on Castle Peak Colorado:

    Ice Mountain as seen from Missouri Mountain Colorado:

    Frosty rocks on the summit of Missouri Mountain Colorado:

    Me in a blizzard at timberline on Hahns Peak:

    Jared during the same blizzard:

    Shielding my face in -80's windchill:

    Way above the clouds:

    Cedar Mountain sunset:

    Mount Epworth sunset:

    Above the clouds at 19,347 feet:

    Wading through ice:

    Giant ice wall:

    Big storm approaching:

    Getting buried by volcanic ash:

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    busting my ass
    Scott I enjoyed them all! Love the first one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott P
    WOW, nice shots.

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    We're all here, because we ain't all there.
    I just got the shivers at my kitchen table looking at some of those. Thanks Scott.

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    Scott, those are incredible!!

    Here're a couple from last weekend. The fog was above LaVerkin/Toquerville but below the "twist" on the way to Zion.


    Quoting my best friend, Bob McNally, after a bad boating trip: "Nature scares me!"

    Utah photos:

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    Cool Win - I love fog. Looks so beautiful.

    Couldn't believe the weather report for Moab last week, 1/4 of a mile visibility in freezing fog, temperature -17C (1F). Dang!

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    These are actually rain drops. If you look closely you can see that they look upside down...or is that we always think of them the wrong way....?
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    kingston range
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    1. Sunset from head of Neon Canyon.
    2. Mt Everest from space
    3. Saving the important stuff after the flood.
    4 & 5. New cloud: Undulus Asperatus
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    Approaching thunderstorm, Byng, Oklahoma, summer 2008...

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