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Thread: Backpacking - SLC area

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    Backpacking - SLC area

    Thought about going backpacking/camping this weekend. Might need to head out after work on Friday and come back on Saturday. Any one have any recommendations for backpacking in the SLC area (or within an hours drive) that would be dry but still cool at night?

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    The cabin up at the top of Adams Canyon above Layton is always a fun bet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uintahiker
    The cabin up at the top of Adams Canyon above Layton is always a fun bet.
    There's a cabin up there?

    I really need to hit Adams Canyon for a hike. I'm thinking in the next couple of weeks.

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    Yes there is! Since I know you're a geocacher, here's a link

    I've been there a few times- it's a blast. The first time you go inside, it seems small, but after you've been in there for a while, it's the perfect size. I've only been up mid-winter between school semesters.

    Basically, at the top of the switchbacks at the start of the trail, you get to a fork. Going right sends you up the canyon to the waterfall, going left heads up the ridge. Follow the trail left and up the ridge. It winds its way back along the ridge and shoulder of the mountain. It starts heading right and through some scrub oak, you pass a spring (fill up here), then the trail cuts across the face of the mountain, and up and over a little shoulder. The cabin is barely on the other side. If you're a geocacher, the site listing has the coordinates for the cabin.

    There's a 3-sleeper bunk bed on the main floor, and a loft that can fit 3 or 4 if you're inclined to spend the night or bring a group up. There are a few sleeping bags tied to the rafters as well as a wood burning stove.

    I've also heard rumor of 2-3 more cabins in different canyons up there.

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    Well now it looks like it's going to change to mountain bike riding instead.

    But I did some searching and bookmarked those locations! Thanks.

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