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Thread: Spanish Tree Symbols

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    Spanish Tree Symbols

    Just wondering if anyone has stumbled upon any old spanish symbols or writing while up exploring the Utah mountains? I have attached a few that I have come accross.
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    seen alot, mostly in the high uintas. in a box that has not come to surface since i moved, I have a book or spanish symbols and the meaning. Old book, had it since I was in high school and it was not exactly purchased new back then at the end of the 80s.

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    While doing some wilderness surveying a few years back we found that the 1964 survey was hard to retrace due to many of the "blazes" being left on the Aspen trees rather than Evergreen trees. Aspen trees have relatively short life spans... Not to be a nay sayer but I don't think htere are really many - if any - of the old Spanish blazes intact on Aspen trees... we are talking several hundred years old marking on trees with 30 to 60 year life spans (up to 150 in some cases). Interesting to follow none the less!

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    Spanish Symbols

    I agree with your comment. I don't think many sysmbols are still existing on Aspens. Most original symbols are found on Pines and carved in rocks. However, these symbols did lead me to find a smelter and an old mine. It could be coincidence, or maybe someone took the time to re-carve these symbols so they would not be lost? There are many fakes out there though, especially on Aspens.

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