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Thread: Moab Mini BogleyFest -- May 1-3, 2009

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    Moab Mini BogleyFest -- May 1-3, 2009

    A bunch of Bogley folk are meeting in Moab the first weekend of May, for another BogleyFest.

    There will be adults, there will be children, there will be families. There will be biking, there will be hiking, there will be socializing, visiting, eating, drinking and generally being merry.

    There will be canyoneering.

    This is not a canyoneering festival the way that June's BogleyFest in Zion will be. This is a much more... ecumenical outdoor gathering. However, some of us will be keen to visit Moab's canyons. The canyons in the area are very beginner friendly, and there will be short, moderate trips available.

    I'm not a highly experienced canyoneer, but I've been in a few easy ones (and will have been in a few more by that weekend). I also have a few years of rock climbing and rappeling experience under my swami belt. (Just kidding - I don't use a swami.) I'll be doing canyons on Friday and Saturday, since I fly out of Vegas on Sunday.

    Scout Master will be bringing along some equipment (such as harnesses, ropes, etc). I'll have the required equipment along (ropes, webbing, slings, hardware, a spare harness & rappel device).

    Post here, please, if you are interested taking part in canyoneering. When will you be in town? Have experience? Have equipment? Have a helmet? Have kids along?

    For myself, I'm happy to take folks along, with the following caveats:
    • I am not a highly trained professional.
    • I am also not a highly trained amateur.
    • I will do what I can to ensure the safety, comfort and enjoyment of the people that join me, but I can not be responsible for any of the above - in any real and legally binding way.
    • You will wear a helmet, and behave responsibly.

    I think that anyone else willing to organize will probably agree with these caveats, and possibly more besides...

    Personally, I hope to do one easier day (for newbie buy-in), and one harder day. These days are interchangeable:

    Friday: Dragonfly and U-Turn? The Fiery Furnace's dynamic duo? Not sure yet... Any input?

    Saturday: Granary Canyon, if it is possible to be dropped off by a non-participant to avoid a shuttle trip. Otherwise, Rock of Ages, and perhaps something short & easy.

    Anyone else want to organize anything else? Other ideas, plans, etc? Post 'em up!

    I'll update this post with participants and plans as we go...

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    i was thinking of joining you kev. till i got to the part about helmets and behaving responsibly. not sure i can guarantee either.
    But if I agreed with you, we would both be wrong.

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    Count me in for the short and easy. I do have my own harness, helmet, ATC, and biners. Whatever day turns into the short and sweet, I am in.
    I'd even be interested in a harder canyon, but my concern is that I don't want to spend an entire day away b/c I'd like to get other activities and socializing in. I'll continue to watch this thread.
    I've also made the decision to come kid free so I can be more flexible and have no other responsibilities except myself.

    I will be there thursday to sunday. I make a great follower.

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    I plan on being there friday through sunday. I can help out however, have done pretty much all the moab canyons several times. As Cirrus said if we could get a count of how many want to canyoneer and how many can lead canyons that would be great. All the canyons in moab can be done by anyone in descent physical condition. If you want to go but do not have any gear if you could post that also, I have about a dozen complete sets so I could loan out a few. If possible we would like to schedule around deserthighlights so we do not get in the way.

    This is how to due moab. Hit a canyon, hit moab diner, hit a canyon, hit the pool then hit the branding iron. Go to sleep get up next day do it all over again.
    Oh and then slip a little biking etc in the middle.


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    Quote Originally Posted by denaliguide
    i was thinking of joining you kev. till i got to the part about helmets and behaving responsibly. not sure i can guarantee either.
    Damn, first reply I get is some troll...

    All right, since this isn't a real, official thing the way the real BogleyFest is, maybe the old farts who look like this:

    and have been in lots of canyons can use their own discretion. But at least behave responsibly around the newbs and kids... And tell them the bucket hat is, like, kevlar or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cirrus2000
    And tell them the bucket hat is, like, kevlar or something.
    i could work with that. looking forward to seeing you again.
    But if I agreed with you, we would both be wrong.

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    I will be in attendance.

    Last time I was down in Moab, I spent a couple of hours trying to find Tunnel Arch but I think my cords were off. Anyone wanna look for it with me?
    "My heart shall cry out for Moab..." Isaiah 15:5

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    Hey disco,

    Have never been to tunnel arch but I think it is in the devils garden in arches.
    What day do you plan on hitting moab? Are you wanting to do a few canyons.

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    I am planning on being there for the Saturday and Sunday. I am down with just about anything for this trip.

    This is where the Tunnel is supposed to be located:

    Summit's website has a TR about it.
    "My heart shall cry out for Moab..." Isaiah 15:5

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    Sure I know where that is. Its on the bighorn canyoneering route. Climb-Utah has it. This is what I thought you were talking about.

    As far as the one you are talking about. This is just my opinion but it's probably not worth hiking out there unless you are going to do the whole big horn route. There are cooler things to see in the park.


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    I will e there Thursday night through Sunday with enough gear for 7-8 people. I am open to just about anything just plan it and I'll be there.
    See you on the Trail

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    Do we have to RSVP or can we just show up. Where are ya meeting, staging, hanging, sleeping, etc.
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    There is another thread on the general discussion about the moab trip. This thread got started over here to see if anyone had interest in going canyoneering. Either people are not interested in going canyoneering or haven't posted, but there seems to only be a few interested. Could be those watching the thread in general are not aware of this thread? If there are only a few we can fly through the moab routes.

    As far as where to meet, I plan on staying in town so meeting at the start of whatever route we are going to do would be better for me. It's quite a ways down the potash road to gold bar campground just to turn around and come back up.

    What routes are you interested in? We need to come up with a game plan.

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    I do think that Cirrus and Scout were attempting to coordinate some want-to-do canyons....maybe touch base with them?

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    Desert Highlights is doing granary on saturday. If some are wanting to do granary need to start really early or do it another day. I think they leave moab around 7:30.


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    Count me in. I've done no technical canyons near Moab so anything sounds good.
    I have all my own gear. Including ropes.

    Will I need to bring the wetsuit?

    Is there a firm plan for canyons? Or a short-list of likely subjects? I'd like to do my own research and at least print out a map...

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