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Thread: Bogley running SLOW for you???

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    Bogley running SLOW for you???


    I have had my server techs looking into this over the last few weeks. I know it sucks and I hate it too. I just hope I don't have to move the site again = MAJOR PAIN IN THE ASS. It seems to be happening during the daytime when all you slackers are burning up company time in a recession.

    Please post the error messages here when you get them, screenshots would be best and include the number of users online in a screenshot like I posted below. This shows how many people were online and if there is a correlation between that and the slow loading times. I don't think this is being caused by traffic spikes, I think they need to tweak their server. Our traffic hasn't gone nuts lately, just a steady increase. Every time the site is slow for me or I get an error, when I look at the number of users on the site it isn't a crazy number, like not even over 100.

    Hopefully they can get it resolved without me having to cough out more money to increase our server capacity. They should be able to fix it. We are going on 2 years on this server and it has treated us pretty good. It is also the 4th server that bogley has been on.

    Thanks for the support,


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    Slow for me:

    113 processes: 1 running, 112 sleeping

    Anybody Else?

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    119 processes: 1 running, 118 sleeping

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    Took it a while to log in, go between threads, sections earlier in the a.m. At this moment quite fast!
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    I've noticed problems from work before but it's 3:am right now and Bogley is pretty slow to load...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don
    I've noticed problems from work before but it's 3:am right now and Bogley is pretty slow to load...
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    really slow right now.

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    Its so slow right now I have to close and reopen the program to get it to go. Brings up two load boxes and then just sits. Am i the only one?

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    What is it that is causing things to run slowly?

    Is it a bandwidth issue, or is it a hardware issue?
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    Something else that is slow is the post to my blackberry when someone post on one i am watching. I'll get a message that is hours old?

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    Probably that cluttered front page that I hate causing all the problems....

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    More database hiccups...

    129 processes: 1 running, 123 sleeping, 5 zombie

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    I never get errors but mine is very slow right now.

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    Just got that same error box, could not connect to data base.

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    Thanks guys. We are working on it. Please keep reporting problems here...

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    there seems to be no pattern to it. It will run fine and then crawl and then take right back off a few minutes or even seconds later .

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    Has anyone fed the Gerbal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyFinn
    Has anyone fed the Gerbal?
    More cocaine please!!!

    Get to work you little bitch...

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    I reckon the problem is posting images too wide for the screen.

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