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Thread: Snow Canyon Trails

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    Snow Canyon Trails

    Anyone have a google map or google earth file for Snow Canyon trails in St. George?

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    I don't have a map of Snow Canyon other than the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve map. This map is published by Wa. County HCP Admin. and is available at the BLM 345 E. Riverside Dr. S.G. Utah 84790 1-435-688-3246. I will have them avail as soon as our new Outdoor Store "The Desert Rat" opens sometime in march? The state park also hands out a brochure when entering that will show the trails. Hiking offtrail has been deemed a No-No since it was admitted into the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve a number of years ago. I personally own 2 publications (one of which has not been re-printed and written by Karl Wegkamp, and the other which is a draft copy never published written by Bob Owens.). These publications list many, many, many trails, routes and climbs that are now off limits. I have hiked fairly extensively and climbed quite a few areas of Snow Canyon and would be glad to share some of these routes with the understanding that many of them are now off-limits. I find the hiking and scrambling on top of Red Mountain just west of Snow Canyon to be particularly fascinating and adventureous.


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    Hi, Jeff!
    Like Bo says. My recent experience with Snow Canyon, is to pay the fee,
    hike on ONLY the 16 approved trails and leave. Still, It's a beautiful place.
    I like the freedom of the west rim, as Bo talked about. Also, a sleeper, is the camelback; a beautiful bowl off park land, and just as pretty.
    Go to Dammeron Valley on Hwy 18 and turn left on the dirt road that travels across a mesa and drops into the town of Gunlock. There is a parking area that I could get the gps coords for. You hike down the trail and cross the little drainage into a huge, orange bowl with crosscut sandstone and some amazing scrambles. I sometimes see the Red Mtn Spa-Wagon there.

    New Store? cool, Bo. I will be by when you open. I am a true gear whore.
    hehe jerry
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    Bo took me out yesterday to get to know Snow Canyon. All I can say is unless its winter, hike very early in the day! It's hot out there.

    We did something I think he called the split.

    It won't be found on any maps though.

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