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Thread: How Safe Is Your Water Heater?

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    How Safe Is Your Water Heater?

    Okay, it's probably pretty safe, but this is cool.

    Remember kids, don't try this at home. Try it at someone else's home.

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    I fixed my neighbors water heater about 6 years ago. It did not have a tempeture and pressure safety relief valve installed on it. Instead someone had put a plug in it. I told them later the next day that the reason that I fixed it for free was because I didn't want to replace my windows when their house blew up. I saw videos 15 years ago by Watts regulator that showed houses and resturants blown up from the water heaters. I can't remember how many sticks of dynamite it was equivelant to for each gallon of super heated water.

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    You may want to know how do you know if you have one off the safety valves on my heater?
    It looks like this and in normally on the side of the heater, but sometimes on the top. If you don't have one I would call your plumber ASAP. This can happen.

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    OK, that was cool
    Life is Good

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    wow! that was pretty cool.

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    Sweet!!! If I ever get evicted I'm going to try and cause this on my way out the door

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